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I have a question: Are the goodie c...

I have a question: Are the goodie caves: caves because I have not been able to find 1 and I know that there are 5. Hope someone can help

By nienke
There must be goodie caves. But in previous Aveyond games, they were hidden in walls and so on. You couldn't actually see them until you walked into one of them. I don't know where they are though in Lord of Twilight.
By lemondrop
• > > >There are 5 goodie caves located in this game in walls at different locations. There are no visual clues on the outside of the walls that the cave is inside. You have to locate them by exploring and bumping Mel into all the walls.
• > > >Each goodie cave contains items and/or upgrades for a specific element of the game. Some of the items/upgrades can not be obtained in this chapter. There are blue chests in some caves that will be accessible in Gates of Night.
• > > >Some of the items in goodie caves are exclusive and can not be found anywhere else in the game.
Goodie Cave locations and type:
1. > > >Level Goodie Cave in Shadow Woods North (left of some stairs near the middle of the Woods): Can increase the level of party members to the maximum of 99.
2. > > >Weapons Goodie Cave in Thial Mountains South (slightly north of entrance when entering from Shadow Woods South): Contains the best weapon for each party member’s character.
3. > > >Gold Goodie Cave in Brightwood Forest (a little right to one of the small waterfalls): Contains 600,000 gold coins.
4. > > >Armor Goodie Cave in Thial Mountains North (a little north of the entrance from Istir Forest): Contains the best armor for each party member’s character.
5. > > >Spell Goodie Cave in Stormbend (close to the ocean behind the chest): Stella can learn all available spells.

By mystique
if you go to big fish games and download the aveyond-lord of twilight strategy guide it gives you everything from a complete walkthrough of the game and all of the tips and cheats for the game. including maps to where all od the goodie caves are located.
i found all 5 using this.
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