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My plants are unhealthy!! I have th...

My plants are unhealthy!!
I have the second tier soil and third tier water but still my 2nd tier seeds end up nearly dead by the time they're fully grown! What's going on? What am I doing wrong? I keep the plants well watered (Usually right between the A and T) and none of them are infested. It seems like even when I buy tier 3 soil there's no way I'll be able to grow tier 3 plants.

By the gardener
I have a feeling that you may have misread the tiers, I did that once and lost over 20 seeds due to my improper reading of the chart.
Hope this helps answer your question
By alycia creager oao
I believe you may have misread the tiers. Don't worry. It's happened to just about everyone who's played this game. Hopefully you have spare seeds set aside in case that does happen...
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