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To blue:


Most of the bugs appear with any plant at any time. Some are more common than others. Some are rare.

But there are 14 bugs that need a specific flower or plant to appear.

Those are:
Common FERN Butterfly
Uncommon Amber Butterfly (Aureus)
Rare Jet Moth (NOX)
Rare Golden Butterfly (FABLED)
Uncommon Mystic Scarab (Mystic)
Rare Shiny Flower Beetle (Orchid)
Rare Golden Beetle (tier 3 Ananas.
Uncommon Glassy Dragonfly (Multiflora)
Rare Black Dragonfly (Venomous)
Rare golden Dragonfly (Blazing)
Common CACTUS Spdier
Uncommon BAMBOO Spider
Rare TAHITIAN Spider
Rare Golden Spider (Ridgeball -- Tier 4's like Tilia, Baccatus, Lilia, Tahitian, Venus or Arthurium)

Good luck.

By blue
Thank you so much. this will really help me.
By blue
but i have a problem. i have been growing and selling fabled lemon bushes and i have never seen a golden butterfly.

i've been also been growing pipe and ball cactus and not a single spider.

i have grown a:
Nox Orchid
Aureus Maple
Blazing Pipe Cactus
Mystic Weeper
Venomous Scandens
Athurium Fern
and a Lilia Scandens

and let them sit in the greenhouse for twenty minutes.

i've only caught a golden dragonfly
By cygnet84
The bugs don't appear each time you have these particular plants out it seems to mean that the bugs won't come without them. When I am trying to get a particular bug that requires a particular plant, I normally will plant 6 to 8 of whatever they like. Not all the same plant necessarily but different Bamboo's for example. I also recommend trying to plant those plants that are above tier 1 (spotted, bluestar, etc) and try to do things like aureus, mela, fabled, etc. Other than that it's patience.
By blue
i also found a Golden Spider with a Mysic Ridgeball
By blue
How do you get a purple spider?

Not the Bumpy spider, the other one?
By blue
i think that the Golden butterfly doesn't appear with a fabled flower, but what ever foliage you used to test it.

if you can recall what fabled foliage you used, please tell me.

By whambamanne
Hi cygnet84, I was just wondering where did you find the virtual seed box. I looked on the Last Day of Work site and I could not find anything about it. Can you tell me please where to get it. Thank you.
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