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i have gotten all the 6 magic plant...

i have gotten all the 6 magic plants, but have not been able to get the seeds of the ridgeball. can anyone tell me how to breed this seed? I tried to play with time forward but cant seem to get it on my seed tray.

for those who need the full breed spreadsheet, check out this link:
(copy and paste it on your browser)

http://www.ldwforu... screenshot on plant tycoon actually shows a purple rose.
is this for ilration only or can we actually breed it in the game? The only thing i know for sure is none of the 23 flower types give a purple rose... any advice?

By the way, the ridgeball pictures shown on this website is incorrect. The seeds were confused with the multiflora. This link will give you the correct seed catalogue:


By mylene4u
Hi, I dont know if it is me, but I dont see the link to the spreadsheet. Is there a way to get this link where you can just click on it. I am so addicted to this game... I only have 3 of the plants but am determined to get the rest of them... thanks
By hera
ok so to list them all out:

Four Petal Maple
Rosaceae Fern
Aureus Scandens
Fabled Lemonbush
Nox Orchid
Mela Rare Oak
By wednesday
Your web address is not complete.....could you please give it to me, I'm becoming very frustrated. Thanx!!!!!
By swissroll
sorry htmls are blocked. try retype this in full link without space

ubbthreads. php?
By jollyjas
That link still don't work even typing it out.
By theanova
oh yeah
By sleepysnickers
to get your ridgeball you have to buy extinct seeds from the store. Once you have one you get them from breeding multiflora with the ridgeball lol, but if you don't have any you can't make any.
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