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If you are running low on food you ...

If you are running low on food you can do this simple thing. Put the game on pause and sweep the island for mushrooms. Mushrooms and items will stil appear but the time of the game will not p since it's in pause :). Just drag&drop a kid on the mushroom then unpause the game just enough for the kid to bring it to the food basket. Then you pause the game again and start once more sweeping. You can do this as long as you want and your villagers won't starve since the game is ... paused. Also goes with item so your tech points can also grow without the time of game evolving.

By boethius
don't just put one kid on it, put all of your kids on it while in pause. They will all bend down to pick it up. A large proprtion of them (sometimes all) will pick up a mushroom all their own. Same with ss and stuff, you can rack up the tech with just one rare item and a bunch of kids!
By jayydogg86
How do you pause the game? I thought this game can't be paused.
By ruby
Hahaha I already did that. The other time I have enough food but all my villagers died. Why?
By yoyo
@jayydogg86 you can pause the game by pressing space button
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