Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond Walkthrough

Allow our Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond Walkthrough to help you heal your future mother-in-law, rescue your fiancé from another dimension, and get your wedding back on track in this exciting hidden object adventure game! Trust our detailed instructions, our gorgeous custom marked screenshots, and our ever-helpful puzzle solutions to help save your family from the deadly schemes of a mad scientist.
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by on 11-27-2013     
On the eve of your wedding, instead of morphing into bridezilla and chucking wedding favors at your bridesmaids while they scramble to get you some booze, in Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond, you're forced to play super bride and don your cape and mask in order to rescue your new family from the evil schemes of a mad scientist. 
Well, I suppose that could be fun too... 
However, it seems you're going to have to have a few words with your soon to be husband as the secrets he's been keeping from you begin to quickly become apparent. 
But you have to rescue him from another dimension before you can start throwing things at him... so to help you in that very important endeavor, we've compiled a Whispered Secrets Into the Beyond Walkthrough! 
Whispered Secrets Into Beyond Walkthrough
To help speed you on your way through this thrilling hidden object adventure game, we've put together everything you'll need to know to save your fiancé, your mother-in-law, the world... oh and make sure you're at that altar to exchange your vows on time. Easy peasy right? 
Well, with our Whispered Secrets Into the Beyond Walkthrough and it's detailed instructions, custom marked screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions, it will be!
So before you head out to save the day, make sure you tuck our Whispered Secrets Walkthrough in your purse so you'll have your secret weapon ready and waiting whenever things start to heat up.


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