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Allow our Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Walkthrough to be your guide as you fight to save your fiancé from an evil succubus. When your boyfriend sets up a romantic evening for two, you think you know what’s coming. But the perfect proposal turns deadly when he accidentally releases and is kidnapped by a succubus. Now, you must travel to a strange and distant island, face an age-old evil, and rescue the man who still needs to finish proposing. Our insider tips, step-by-step instructions, and custom screenshots will help you face the darkness as you race to save your soon-to-be fiancé.

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by on 03-07-2013     

There are a lot of different reasons to love a game: the puzzles are awesome; the hidden object areas are perfect; the plotline is amazing.

For me, my love of Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death definitely came from that last one. I'm not joking when I say five minutes into the game, I was hooked, and since I can be a bit of a nit-pic, that's no small feat.

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Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death is the story of a woman who is about to be proposed to when her nervous and easily distracted soon-to-be-fiancé accidentally picks up the wrong book and summons a succubus.

That’s right, he accidentally summons a succubus while waiting to propose. How amazing is that? From the get go, there’s not a moment of boredom; the action and cut scenes just keep coming! And oh, man, I loved the succubus. She was AMAZING. A lot of how much I love a game depends on the villain, and, for me, the developers sure hit a home run with her.

I also adored the background music, which set a really great tone for the world. And, what a world! It was so beautiful I kept catching myself just stopping to admire all the little details.

The puzzles in Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death were equally impressive, both for the variety and for the occasional clever twists on  classic mini-games (I’m looking at you, match two).

That’s not to say everything in Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death was sunshine and roses. For instance, I didn’t really care for the voice acting, and I down-right DETESTED the hidden object areas. There were a TON of objects to be found in each scene (15 as opposed to the traditional 12), and you never get the whole list all at once. When you find an item, it’s replaced by another. Talk about aggravating. Oh, well, there weren’t a ton of them so I just slogged through and kept playing.

Another thing that bothered me about Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death was the somewhat excessive wandering. There is a LOT of world to explore, and while the map is of the teleportation kind, I still really struggled to remember where everything was.

Handily, I had our Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Walkthrough to guide me. Our amazing walkthrough guru positively PACKED this thing with all the detailed step-by-step instructions and custom screenshots you’ll need to teach that succubus a lesson about true love she’ll never forget.

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