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Depend on our Phenomenon: Meteorite Walkthrough for guidance as you explore the strange, uncharted island that Daniel has found himself on in a search to find his parents who abandoned him more than 20 years ago. Use our custom screenshots, detailed instructions, and solutions to all the games and puzzles you'll encounter as you search for answers to Daniel's mysterious past.

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by on 04-10-2013     

I think I was as shocked as anyone when I realized what a ridiculously "phenomenal" game this sequel was to the original Phenomenon: City of Cyan game. I mean, it's not that the first game was awful, but it was just ok... nothing truly outstanding. Nothing like Phenomenon: Meteorite, that's for sure.

Normally, that's not how it works... The sequel always falls short, right? It's rarely better than the first offering! But somehow the developers of the Phenomenon games hit a homerun with this one, and suddenly we're scrambling to create a Phenomenon: Meteorite Walkthrough... which, I'm happy to say, is live and waiting to help you as of today!


It took a lot of coffee and perseverance, but our walkthrough guru, Erika, managed to come through for us with a guide that's packed full of all the information, tips, and answers you'll need to complete this exciting hidden object adventure game.

She made sure to take plenty of screenshots, which are beautifully marked up, highlighting all the key items and locations you'll need to explore on your journey. She also made sure to provide us with step-by-step instructions on what to do from start to finish in order to beat the game.

And finally, she's got all solutions to the challenging puzzles you'll encounter during gameplay, which will come in handy if you hate skipping even one puzzle during your game.

So, whether you need just a hint now and then, or you'd prefer constant guidance, our Phenomenon: Meteorite Walkthrough is here to help!

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