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Rely on our Panda Pop Walkthrough to help you save some pretty adorable baby pandas as you pop your way to victory in this lovable bubble popping match 3 game. We've crammed everything you'll need to know to gear up and start saving baby pandas including tips and hints on how to play as well as some great information on boosters, lanterns, and gameplay strategies.

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by on 01-15-2014     
What can I say about Panda Pop... there are baby freaking pandas people! Why should I have to say anything more???
Panda Pop features tiny baby pandas that are so ridiculously adorable with their wide blue eyes and cute little pink paws that I'll do everything I can to make sure they aren't left crying stuck up in those bubbles.... 
Sigh... I'm such a sucker for cute things. 
Panda Pop, in addition to tickling your cute senses, is a pretty well put together bubble popping match 3 game with plenty of levels to enjoy... oh and did I forget to mention that it's free? And free as in... it doesn't keep bugging you to buy boosters or require you to spend a dime in order to fully enjoy playing. 
Now, that's my kind of free. 
However, it can rate pretty high on my anxiety levels when I can't seem to make saving the baby pandas happen, so to help with that, we've put together a quick Panda Pop Walkthrough
Panda Pop Walkthrough
Our Panda Pop Walkthrough is a great place to start if you're just getting into the game. There's a quick overview on general game mechanics so you can jump into Panda Pop with confidence. 
We've also included an in-depth explanation for all the boosters and in-app purchases you can make as well as how to use the lanterns (a key part to saving baby pandas in the later levels). 
And finally, if there's a level that's giving you lip and you want some assistance, please feel free to leave us a note on the difficult levels section, and we'll see what we can do to help you out of your perplexing panda problem. 
So, if you haven't played Panda Pop yet, and you enjoy cute things (who doesn't??), download the game with confidence knowing we've got your back with our Panda Pop Walkthrough in case you run into any panda emergencies!


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