Love Chronicles: Salvation Walkthrough

Our Love Chronicles Salvation Walkthrough will help you navigate the strands of time as your quest lands you in the past in one final attempt to stop the corruption of the evil witch Alura where it all began. Challenging puzzles and obstacles block your every move, but with our detailed directions, custom screenshots, and mini-game solutions, you'll have no trouble stopping the evil dark lord and reversing the damage dealt to Alura.

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by on 06-07-2013     

Playing Love Chronicles Salvation was kind of like falling through the rabbit hole and ending up in a deliciously twisted and utterly gorgeous version of Wonderland.

Brimming with scene after delectable scene, it filled your senses with a myriad of colors and textures that enchanted and entranced the player... so much that it's pretty easy to get distracted and lost because you're looking at all the pretty colors.

What can I say... I'm easily distracted.

But never fear... there's an easy cure for that. We just posted the Love Chronicles Salvation Walkthrough!

Love Chronicles Walkthrough

This Love Chronicles Walkthrough is overflowing with helpful tips and advice on how to stop that evil lord Zandor from corrupting the witch Alura. We've included everything from solutions to all the puzzles and mini-games to custom screenshots marked with all the key item locations.

And, if that's not enough... we've even included step-by-step chapter instructions that meticulously directs your steps from the very first to the very last.

So go ahead, stop for a moment and take in the beauty of this fairytale world. Our Love Chronicles Walkthrough will be right beside you to offer directions whenever you need them!

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