Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter Walkthrough

With our Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter Walkthrough, you'll have no trouble saving the seven women who have been imprisoned in paintings throughout an ancient castle. Use our detailed instructions, custom marked screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions to help you face down this devious demon and put an end to his evil ways.

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by on 03-05-2014     
Your mother warned you about dating on that old internet.... but did you listen?? No! And now after what appeared to be the perfect date in a French castle, you find yourself at the mercy of a demon who has imprisoned seven women over the centuries in paintings. Oh, and guess what? You're next!
Now you must make your way through the castle, find the seven portraits, and discover a way to free these poor unfortunate women from the hold the demon has on them. And you better act quickly, because you soon discover your very own portrait, just awaiting the final finishing touches before you too become the next victim of his ruthlessness. 
Lucky for you, you're not going into this terrible situation alone! We've put together a handy dandy Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter Walkthrough to help you battle this terrible creature. 
Love Alchemy
We've made sure to include everything you're going to need to make your way through the castle. You'll need to find all seven portraits plus discover the true nature of the demon and stop him before it's too late. 
Oh and it can be too late, by the way... I'm not just saying that for effect. There are two endings to Love Alchemy. One is not a very pleasant one so be careful of your choices. 
Use our custom marked screenshots and our step-by-step instructions to make sure you stay on the right path. I unfortunately learned the hard way and made a wrong decision at the very end of the game... so... awesome.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter Walkthrough! Just remember... don't drink the tea!


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