Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows Walkthrough

Depend on our Legacy Tales Mercy of the Gallows Walkthrough to guide you through this murky pirate mystery as you explore an aging castle for clues as to what happened to the dead captain and his dear wife years ago. Rely on our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions to help solve the case and reunite the lost lovers so they may finally rest in peace.

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by on 06-04-2013     

I'm always up for a good pirate tale, and Legacy Tales Mercy of the Gallows certainly sets the stage for an exciting adventure.

While it's not full of swashbuckling pirates and guys that say "Arrrg" a lot, there is a whole lot of gold coins to search for, treasure chests to unlock, and a ghostly mystery to solve.

That's why it was safe to bet we would certainly need a Legacy Tales Walkthrough if the captain and his wife were ever to be reunited.

Legacy Tales Walkthrough

Legacy Tales Mercy of the Gallows is a beautiful game, and certainly has some unique gameplay to boast about, but it can be frustrating at times searching for gold coins among dark and shadowy nooks and crannies.

That's why our Legacy Tales Mercy of the Gallows Walkthrough pinpoints each and every key item location on our beautifully labeled screenshots so you'll never miss another coin again.

We've also included extremely detailed information that outlines each and every chapter in a step-by-step fashion for you, giving you instructions on exactly what you need to do and where.

And no CGG Legacy Tales Walkthrough would be complete without our easy-to-understand, simple solutions to all the puzzles and mini-games set in your path as you play this exciting hidden object adventure game. 

All in all, it's safe to say that with our Legacy Tales Mercy of the Gallows Walkthrough here to assist you, you'll have no problem solving this pirate tale and discovering just what happened to the lost couple years ago that separated them so tragically.

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