How to Get Twins and Triplets in Virtual Families 2

One of the questions we see the most on our forums for Virtual Families 2 is how to get twins or triplets in the game. Is there some secret to unlocking this sacred event? Find out, as we take a moment to talk baby multiples.

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by on 04-17-2013     

Have you ever wondered what you're doing wrong when you slog through generation after generation of little people with only single births in Virtual Families 2? Are you waiting with baited breath every time you see your couples attempting to make a baby, hoping beyond hope to see your mom hefting two or even three babies when they are done?

Well, you can rest easy. You're not doing anything wrong. This comes straight from the developers of Virtual Families 2... having twins and triplets, just like in real life, is completely random.

That's right. Completely and utterly random. It doesn't matter if your parents want to have kids or don't want them, or if you used one baby boost or 10. When they finally conceive, the amount of children they have is a random act of computer code and nothing you do can change that.

Of course, to increase your chances of getting twins or triplets, you simply need to have that many more births. Baby boosts can help, but only because it will help your couple conceive and have more children in their lifetime. It won't help increase your chances of having twins or triplets instead of just a single birth.

Unfortunately, having twins or triplets in Virtual Families 2 is a lot like hitting the jackpot. You never know when or even if it's going to happen. All you can do is keep trying! It could happen on your very first time or it could happen 10 generations from now.

So the only advice we can give you is just keep trying! You never know when that big day will come! (It probably won't help to tell you that I got twins on my very first try... :P) Good luck!

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