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Hidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity Walkthrough

Our Hidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity Walkthrough is bursting with user friendly tips and screenshots to help you solve this exciting new hidden object adventure in the Hidden Expedition series. Can you discover what's causing the strange activity in the old abandoned weather station? With our Hidden Expedition walkthrough it will be a walk in the park! 

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by on 10-08-2015     

Welcome to the 9th installment of the exciting adventures of the H.E.L.P. team. Hidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity is the latest mystery for you to uncover and solve. There has been unsettling tremors in Montana and strange activity coming from an abandoned weather station. Clearly, something is going on and it is up to you and your partner Sam to figure out what that may be.

This mountain top mystery is filled with plot twists and turns inclusive of a missing and frustrated genius, an evil corporation and of course a sinister plot. But, have no worries because we have complied tons of user friendly tips and colorful screen caps to help you move this mystery into the solved pile! Our walkthrough will help you to solve the hidden objects areas and make quick work of the mini games ahead of you. Turn to us for a quick assist when you need help navigating your way through this exciting mountain side hidden objects adventure game!

We hope you enjoy our Hidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity Walkthrough!

Hidden Expedition Walkthroguh


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