Haunted Hotel: Eclipse Walkthrough

Consult our Haunted Hotel: Eclipse Walkthrough during your stay as you investigate the grounds of the Final Journey Hotel, searching for a reason why the bodies of monsters are piling up. Trust our detailed set of instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our simple and easy-to-understand puzzle solutions to help you get to the bottom of why this lonely little hotel has become the setting of a fierce battle between two warring factions.

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by on 10-24-2013     
The people who know me well will understand that I am not a very patient person. And, being in the hospital AGAIN for 7 days this time, being forced to wait, and wait, and wait for answers is driving me a little insane. 
I'm not sure if the experience would be better if I was the one actually in the hospital bed. My protective hackles are on high alert right now, and I'm sure I'm driving my husband a little batty with my constant questions about how he is feeling.
So far, I haven't punched anyone. Although I came very close yesterday. I have definitely gained an appreciation for attentive and competent nurses that's for sure. You truly can tell the ones who care and the ones who just leave everything for the next shift to take care of. 
Anyhow, that's what's going on in my life. On the CGG side, I'm happy to note that we've posted a Haunted Hotel: Eclipse Walkthrough on the site for your viewing pleasure. 

Haunted Hotel Walkthrough
This was a fun little game with a nice twist of a story that I've let myself escape to during the moments when he's been sleeping. And, our Haunted Hotel: Eclipse Walkthrough will ensure you get the full gaming experience. 
We've made sure to include everything you need to beat the game including tons of custom marked screenshots with key item locations highlighted clearly. We've also got detailed instructions, which will step you through the game from start to finish. 
And, finally, no Haunted Hotel Walkthrough would be complete without our simple and easy-to-understand puzzle solutions to walk you through all the mini-games you'll encounter as you play. 
So as Halloween creeps closer, you'll want to dive right into this spooky monster hidden object adventure game. Just remember to bring our Haunted Hotel: Eclipse Walkthrough with you to ensure you make it through this dark investigation.

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