Grim Facade: The Artist and the Pretender Walkthrough

Our Grim Facade: The Artist and the Pretender Walkthrough is prepared to offer its assistance as you rise up against an evil magician and his dark quest to rid the world of all creativity and knowledge. When the great inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci begs you to help, you must join forces with a small group of rebellions who are facing down this madman in order to protect the world's beauty and art. But you won't face this danger alone. Our detailed game instructions, custom marked screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions are here to help you in this dangerous quest. 

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by on 11-12-2014     

In Grim Facade: The Artist and the Pretender, the tapping of a mechanical dove at your window signals to you the beginning of your quest in this exciting hidden object adventure game. The dove comes bearing a message from Leonardo da Vinci himself, telling a tale of a man claiming to be a magician who has taken over the city of Florence. 

This man's dream is to rid the world of all art and science and replace it with a world of magic and chaos. Now, it's up to you and a small resistance group to stop this man before he can see his dream a reality! 

But we are lovers of the arts as well and in order to help you in your quest, we've prepare for you a Grim Facade: The Artist and the Pretender Walkthrough to help guide to to success. 

Grim Facade Walkthrough

Our Grim Facade Walkthrough will guide you through six grueling chapters of intense hidden object adventure gameplay as you make your way through Florence helping the resistance and attempting to pry control of the city out of the hands of this evil corrupter. 

Trust in our custom marked screenshots to guide you to all the key items and areas you'll need to pay attention to as well as our detailed, step-by-step game instructions that will carefully walk you through the entire game from start to finish. 

We hope you enjoy our Grim Facade: The Artist and the Pretender Walkthrough!


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