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Our Green City 2 Walkthrough is your key to solving the complexities of this extremely challenging time management game. Rely on our robust tips and insider information as well as complete video solutions to each and every level to ensure you never fail to achieve your coveted gold status.

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by on 06-25-2013     

I have just barely gotten over the emotional trauma and scarring that the original Green City had put me through when I discovered its sequel, Green City 2 staring me dead in the face as a new release.

It might look all cute and innocent dressed up in shiny happy suns and green leafy trees, but it's just a facade. Because deep down, Green City 2 is an extremely challenging and frustration building menace... and I could do nothing but submit to its mocking challenge.

OK Green City 2, let's see what you're made of... but not before we've compiled a Green City 2 Walkthrough... just in case we run into any trouble.

Green City 2

Ugh, this game is even harder than the first one. It really is more like an expansion pack than a sequel. It doesn't waste much time before the levels turn from breezy to full on hurricane force, as you frantically build, repair, and sell in order to achieve random tasks.

But don't worry... we've got you covered. Green City 2 won't get the best of you, I promise.

Our Green City 2 Walkthrough has tons of information to keep you going as well as video solutions to all the levels, so you can see exactly what kind of strategy you need to use to see those three happy gold stars appear at the end of the level.

So before you start throwing things or pulling your hair out, take a moment to consult with our Green City 2 Walkthrough and show this monster of a game who's boss.

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