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Our Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough will be your companion as you work with Annie to build the perfect farm. Life as a farmer can be tough, but add in the restoration of an old mansion estate on top of planning a wedding, and Annie’s got her hands full! Luckily, you’ll be there to help hire and train new workers, build a successful market, and earn enough money for Annie’s dream wedding. With our Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough and its detailed tips and hints at your side, there’s no task too large, or complex, for you and Annie to tackle.

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by on 11-19-2012     

There is nothing cuter than tiny farm animals, so when I get the chance to play games like Farm Tribe 2, I jump on it.

And Farm Tribe 2 did not disappoint; there were super cute graphics, an interesting storyline, and more things to manage than you could shake a stick at.

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Normally with time management games, there are timed tasks, and that’s where most of my frazzled stress comes from. I’m never confident I’ll be able to do things in a timely manner, and that makes me nervous.

Luckily, Farm Tribe 2 doesn’t have those kinds of timed events, and let me tell you, that really allowed me to fully enjoy the gameplay. I welcome the shift from time-management to resource management.

I also liked that this game is very clear about what you’re supposed to be accomplishing and where. I didn’t have to spend much time pondering my next move, which made gameplay really smooth for me.

Of course, that could have been because I was able to make full use of our Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough whenever I felt unsure or stuck, so I never felt the need to indulge in a meltdown. 

I sometimes have a hard time grasping the workings of new tasks, and it really made the game more enjoyable for me to know I had the advice of a seasoned pro like Ann to get me pointed in the right direction. She has included a complete list of tasks that need to be accomplished as well as all the trophies you can win throughout the game, which was super helpful. 

Even though the farm gets quite large, and the number of tasks to manage can be daunting, with our Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough along for the journey, you’ll never be in over your head.

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