Fable of Dwarfs Walkthrough

Our Fable of Dwarfs Walkthrough is a field-tested guide to achieving 3-star ratings on expert in this extremely challenging and fast-paced time management game. Filled with video solutions and detailed directions on exactly what to do and in what order, you'll have no problem going for the gold on the more than 55 levels of thrilling gameplay.

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by on 04-01-2014     
Fable of Dwarfs is yet another new time management game to be released in the last few weeks. And while, as a fan of these types of games, I'm extremely excited to witness this influx on my kind of games, it's been a little bit of a challenge to keep up with all of them!
I think every new time management game puts me through an intense emotional period where I first get really excited - "Yay more games for me to play!" Followed immediately by an "Oh crap, how are we ever going to keep up with these time management guides."
But we are managing, and our Fable of Dwarfs Walkthrough is yet another satisfying item on my list that I can cross off! One down, about 20 more to go!
Fable of Dwarfs Walkthrough
This guide has it all, including written instructions that will tell you exactly what to do and when, as well as video solutions that will actually show you what to do, so you'll never have to struggle with any of the really intense levels of this game. 
Our Fable of Dwarfs Walkthrough has come to fruition due to the multiple requests we received through our "Request a Walkthrough" feature, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their comments as well as your patience with us!
Your walkthrough requests are extremely important to us as they help us know what guides to write next! So please keep them coming! They are all very  much appreciated and we do our best to answer and write as many walkthroughs as we can. 
Thanks everyone and please enjoy this Fable of Dwarfs Walkthrough!


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