Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel Walkthrough

Allow our Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel Walkthrough to be your guide as you search the Austrian landscape looking for an elusive ghost. Normally when people start hearing phantom violin music, it would be pretty safe to assume they may be suffering some mental problems. But when it’s a world renowned musician, who also happens to be your cousin, there may be more to the tale. Now you’re off to Austria to investigate the ghost and get to the bottom of this strange story. Use our helpful tips, insider hints, and custom screenshots to find the clues needed to crack this haunting case. After all, you can see ghosts; if you can’t do it, who can?

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by on 12-11-2012     

I’ll admit, the first thing I did upon finding Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel was to laugh. That is one loooooong title (and so descriptive!). But after digging around a little bit I discovered this was the third game in the Dana Knightsone Novel series, and the first two (and this one) had some pretty decent reviews. So I chuckled one more time and then jumped in.

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I do not regret the impulse. Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel (still so long!) was a good time. I thought the graphics were lovely, I loved the scenery and settings, and I didn’t hate the voice actors (which is a big deal coming from me). I was also really fond of the plot, which kept the story moving and was interesting enough to retain my attention and curiosity (I love a good ghost story/romance mash up).

Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel is definitely a game for people who love a good challenge. The hidden object areas were not only gorgeous, they also made you use your thinking cap (Keeping in mind I’m halfway through finals; the fact that I’m willing to put my thinking cap on while off campus should really say something.). I also had fun with the puzzles, which were varied enough to keep me from getting bored.

One big downside for me was the lack of a map. There are a lot of hints that help guide you, but I always feel like a rat in a maze without that overview option. I’m no good at keeping directions/where I’ve been/where I’m supposed to be going in my head, and I’m extremely prone to distractions. Put the lack of a “bigger picture” on top of that, and you start adding stress where stress aught not be.

Luckily, I had our trusty Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel Walkthrough by my side the entire time (I’m so grateful I got talked into getting a second monitor).

Even though I may not have had a map to guide me, all I needed to do was consult our walkthrough guru (via her amazing walkthrough) and I lost that lost feeling.

And that’s not all it’s good for! This baby is packed full of helpful tips and custom screenshots. So whether you need a roadmap buddy (like me) or you just want to be able to flash over to it to ensure you’re taking the right steps, our Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel Walkthrough is sure to be the cure for what ails ya (especially if you use it before the ail-ing sets in!)

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