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Allow our Death Pages: Ghost Library Walkthrough to be your companion as you face down a madman to save three teenagers. It’s easy to lose yourself in the library, but when three teens are found to have legitimately disappeared while visiting the library it’s up to you to find them. This rescue becomes even more dangerous when you discover the old owner of the library, known only as the Alchemist, has taken the children’s souls and trapped them in the story Romeo and Juliet. Use our helpful hints, step-by-step instructions, and custom screenshots to turn the tragic ending into a happy one, before the teens are forced to live out the deadly tale. 

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by on 01-29-2013     

I am a nerd for many things, but nothing brings out that special spaz like books. I love reading; I love reading so much that while I’m enjoying a book, I literally can’t hear it when people start talking to me.

My husband has learned he needs to say my name, and then wait until I look up, otherwise he may as well be talking to one of the cats. And sometimes he has to repeat the "Liz." Pause. "Liz." Pause. "Liz." routine quite a few times before I notice (lol, sorry I’m not sorry).

So, when I saw Death Pages: Ghost Library, I knew I had to play. Saving people who have gotten their souls sucked into a book? Yes, please!

Title Image

Right away, I was impressed with Death Pages: Ghost Library; it looked beautiful, and I was not horrified by the voice acting. But then I started playing and…eh. I just couldn’t get into it. I had a really difficult time figuring out what I was supposed to be doing; I felt like the things I was supposed to be investigating and working on weren’t clearly defined (and this on Casual Mode) and that there was a lot of useless running around. A LOT of useless running around.

I also had a bit of a beef with the world building; I gather that I’m supposed to be some kind of detective, but I don’t understand why that wasn’t explained right out. I also didn’t like that I couldn’t get a grasp on WHEN I was; some of the language used hinted at Victorian England, like when the little popup window says something like, "I guess that’s not how it’s done in Victorian England," or something.

Which also doesn’t make sense, because if you’re IN Victorian England, you wouldn’t really know that it was Victorian England; that’s a label that got slapped on after the fact. So, is the character a time traveling detective? And then sometimes modern slang was used, most notably by the teenagers, and that just makes the whole thing even stranger. So then we have to decide: is it a truly poorly developed plot, or are the writers just kind of dodgy? Either way, it enraged the book nerd within.

Strangely, the hidden object areas were a bright spot for me. Which is super bizarre when you consider they’re usually my least favorite part. However, the hidden object areas in Death Pages: Ghost Library weren’t of the usual collect trash variety. Instead of collecting things, you’re matching objects you’ve been given to things in the scene. It was pretty entertaining and really kept me thinking about what should go where.

I think what bothered me the most was all the pointless running around and endless back-and-forthing. Ugh, I can’t stand that lost feeling.

Luckily, I had our Death Pages: Ghost Library Walkthrough to guide me, and let me tell you, it took a lot of the frustration out of the experience.

Whenever I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to be clicking or ended up starting at a puzzle without any idea what the point of it was, I could just refer to the step-by-step instructions and custom detailed instructions of our game guru.

Having those hints and tips along for the ride really gave me back some of my ability to enjoy the game (although my nerd rage was never completely assuaged). So if you’re looking to dive into the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, might I suggest you take our Death Pages: Ghost Library Walkthrough along for the ride? It’s sure to make this tragic tale just a little more manageable.

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