Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Walkthrough

Our Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Walkthrough will keep you safe as you flee from the dark powers that have assaulted your village and turned your father and friends into flame banshees! Your only hope in saving them is to seek out the Queen of Flames and attempt to bargain for their lives. But you won't be alone on your journey with our detailed game instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and easy puzzle solutions to keep you company!

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by on 12-02-2014     

In Dark Realm: Queen of Flames, strange creatures attack your village one night, dousing the buildings in flame and transforming the villagers, including your dear father, into flame banshees. Your only hope is to escape the village and seek out the Queen of Flames herself to bargain for their lives. 

This journey won't be easy and danger will folllow your every move, but with the help of our Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Walkthrough, you'll be sure to make your way to see the Queen unscathed. 

In this Dark Realm Walkthrough, you'll find eight full chapters of detailed game instructions, custom marked screenshots, and solutions to all the puzzles you'll encoutner as you play. We will walk you through each and every moment of the game and help you reach the very end in this thrilling hidden object adventure game. 

We hope you enjoy our Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Walkthrough!

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