Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams Walkthrough

Our Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams Walkthrough is complete and ready to guide you on an adventure of a lifetime as you prepare to overcome your fears and save your brother from the mists that took him 20 years ago. Rely on our extremely detailed custom images, our step-by-step instructions and our puzzle solutions to help you complete this captivating hidden object adventure game.

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by on 04-25-2014     
In Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams, you tragically watched as your little brother was taken by a swirling dark mist and dragged off into another realm. 
Now, 20 years later, with the help of a doctor who specializes in the paranormal, you find yourself on the precipice of the mists once more, prepared to finally find out what happened to your brother all those years ago. 
Can you overcome your fears and free your brother from the evil that has kept him prisoner these long years? 
Well, now that we have a Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams Walkthrough live and ready, you should have no trouble whatsoever in tackling this amazing hidden object adventure game!
Bridge to Another World Burnt Dreams Walkthrough
In our Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams Walkthrough we've got seven chapters crammed full of everything you'll need to know to beat this game and save your brother. 
Each chapter consists of detailed instructions you know and rely on to get your through even the most challenging of situations, as well as custom marked screenshots and solutions to all the puzzles and mini-games you'll come face to face with during the game. 
So don't forget to pack our Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams Walkthrough along before you head on on this exciting adventure!


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