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Fantasy Mosaics 31: First Date

by Abby on 10-16-2018

Fantasy Mosaics 31: First Date is the next chapter in the exciting and gorgeous Fantasy Mosaics series and it does not disappoint. Sit back and relax as you join Harry and Penny on their first date through a magical land filled with relaxing music and beautiful scenery. 

Vermillion Watch: London Howling

by Abby on 10-15-2018

Vermillion Watch: London Howling is a hidden object puzzle adventure game where a series of violent crimes have recently taken place. It appears that something not quite human is lurking amongst the mist shrouded streets of 19th century London and it's up to the Vermillion Watch to hunt this creature down and make the streets safe again. 

Autumn in France

by Abby on 09-11-2018

Autumn in France is a charming Match 3 game that combines the relaxing vibes of match 3 play with the exciting thrill of travel. Enjoy smooth graphics, soft music, and relaxing gameplay with more than 80 levels and 16 mini-games to conquer! 

Path of Sin: Greed

by Abby on 09-10-2018

Path of Sin: Greed was released today and looks like an exciting whodunnit mystery game. A collaboration between Cordelia Games and Artifex Mundi, it's a promising murder mystery that's sure to keep you on your toes! Can you figure out who the villain is before it's too late? Find out in Path of Sin: Greed! 

Moai 6: Unexpected Guests for Game Night, Date Night

by Abby on 07-18-2018

Another week and another time out for Game Night, Date Night with James and Abby. This week they'll put their resource management skills to the test with the new Moai Game, Moai 6 Unexpected Guests. Will this game provide better entertainment than the last date night fizzle? Will they be able to entertain the new island visitors? Will Abby let James play at all? Find out in this week's Game Night, Date Night!

Abby Plays Alicia Quatermain 3: The Mystery of the Flaming Gold

by Abby on 07-11-2018

Abby uses her solo game time this week to play the new time management game Alicia Quatermain 3: The Mystery of the Flaming Gold. Say that five times fast! Will this time management game hold up to the hopes and dreams of a fast paced gaming queen? Or will her cries of disappointment wake up the kids? Let's find out in this week's game review! 

Game Night, Date Night with Mystery Case Files: Rewind

by Abby on 07-10-2018

Join us, James and Abby, for a Game Night, Date Night as we play Mystery Case Files: Rewind in our Casual Game Guides debut! Will we be able to solve the mystery of the Victory Hotel? Can we save those hapless souls who are trapped within its murky walls? Will James eat all the popcorn? Find out in our first Game Night, Date Night feature! 

Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' Review

by Jennifer on 05-14-2018

The Beechwood Cove Antique Shop used to draw numerous customers and was one of the best antique shops around. But now, due to a lack of care and upkeep, the shop is run down and empty. It’s time to get this antique shop back to it’s former glory by restoring it in Antique Road Shop: American Dreamin.’

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