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The Tribloos 2 Review

The Tribloos 2 is a darling breath of fresh air in a worn and weary time management genre. It combines intense, challenging gameplay with an abundance of adorable furry creatures you just can't get enough of. Can you help the Tribloos discover who's been drenching their island with dangerous storms before Matilda the dragon tires out? Find out in this charming sequel from the Bumpkin Brothers.

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by on 01-26-2013     

Now, I'm not much of a girly girl. You won't catch me squealing over puppies or rainbows or ridiculously romantic movies. But even I have to admit... there's something in these furry blue creatures in Tribloos 2 that makes me want to scoop them up and "Hug them, and squeeze them and name them George."


They are so freaking cute I just can't stand it! They are like a crazy cross between Teletubbies and Ewoks... which if you think about it... really shouldn't work. That mashup should create a terrifying monstrosity... but strangely this love child took on only the finest features of each... the bright, vibrant colors of the tubbies and the soft furry textures of the Ewoks... it's a match made for ogling cuteness.

But before you think that this adorable factor is just a facade holding a poorly sewn together time management game, let me set the record straight. Tribloos 2 is an extremely challenging game that features unique and addicting gameplay that had me spellbound for hours on end.

Having never played the first Tribloos, I didn't know what to expect from the screenshots I saw, as I impatiently waited for the game to download. I thought that this might be a platform game similar to Super Granny, and I wasn't looking forward to grinding through several levels of a game type that just wasn't my cup of tea. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover the intricate and totally unique time management play that is Tribloos 2.


The story is charming and goes something like this: torrential storms have been dousing the Tribloos island and damaging their homes and land. Their equally adorable friend, Matilda the dragon, has been successful in keeping most of the storms off the coast, but she's tiring quickly. Now it's up to the Tribloos to discover what the cause of this wayward weather is before Matilda exhausts herself!

And controlled chaos ensues from there in the form of frantic and frenetic "click, click, click" gameplay as you gather wood, build houses, windmills, tool sheds, weather stations, bakeries, and more. I can't tell you how many times I had to repeat a level... I think that started around level 6 or so... when I realized... Oh crap... I just got bronze time on that board... well... bronze is not acceptable... neither is silver. You know my insane obsession with gold times... it just wasn't pretty.


I also really enjoyed how the storyline kept moving along with the levels. Most time management games don't really bother too much with why you're racing against the clock gathering items and making stuff. You just do it because... well, that's the game.

But Tribloos 2 went the extra mile and kept the story going. At one point, the Tribloos began to worry about poor Matilda's eggs since she wasn't able to care for them like she should, being preoccupied by warding off the storms. So the levels began to incorporate collecting the eggs, inspecting them, and then building little houses to protect them... how cute is that??


There was only one thing that kept me from truly falling head over heels in love with this game... the writing... shocking I know. I can't help myself! WHY??? Why do developers insist on not getting the copy proofread?! So many errors completely take me out of the game, and I start getting the itch to grab screenshots and mark up all the content with bright scarlet slashes before sending it straight away to the creators.

And it wasn't just spelling errors!! Does no one appreciate the importance of a comma or two anymore?! I don't think there was a single comma present anywhere!


Sigh... but I promised myself I wouldn't do this again. After my last rant about the horribly error riddled game Hero of the Kingdom, where I almost wept at the poorly structured sentences and just overall bad writing, my brain can't take another let down. And I'll be fair... Tribloos 2 doesn't have even a fraction of the errors that Hero did, so I'll do my best to let it go.

Overall, I was definitely able to overlook some of the few faults of Tribloos 2 and lose myself in the fast-paced and extremely entertaining time management play... even if my eye twitched a bit every time I saw a sentence that was just begging for a comma... seriously... missing commas can be dangerous! "Let's eat grandma" is NOT the same as "Let's eat, grandma!"

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