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Path of Sin: Greed

Path of Sin: Greed was released today and looks like an exciting whodunnit mystery game. A collaboration between Cordelia Games and Artifex Mundi, it's a promising murder mystery that's sure to keep you on your toes! Can you figure out who the villain is before it's too late? Find out in Path of Sin: Greed! 

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by on 09-10-2018     

Path of Sin: Greed will be a delight for any fans of murder mystery games as you get down and dirty to solve the case of the death of security guard, Mark Spector. 

Travel to the remote island estate of renown billionaire Henry Bradford, where a simple suicide case turns into something more sinister as more island inhabitants are found dead during your investigation. 

Path of Sin Greed Murder Mystery Game

Can you and Inspector Abbey figure out who among the list of suspects is the real killer? Is it the island's master, Henry Bradford, Billionaire CEO of Bradford IT Company? Or maybe his beloved wife, Patricia Bradford? How about his brother Edward? Or maybe his friends Richard and Grace? Or could it be Mr. Bradford's lawyer who had the most to gain? 

It's all up to you and time is running out! Gather evidence, discover who had an allabi, and solve the mystyer in this excitng hidden object adventure game Path of Sin: Greed!

This game is available in both a standard edition and collector's edition and can be previewed for free by clicking on the install button above.