Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. The main menu is seen in the Cabin. The chair is the new game selection. The control panel is the continue playing selection. The gauge is the options menu and the monitor is the Save/Load selection. The door is the exit selection. The camera is the credits.

During gameplay, pressing the ESC brings up the Main Menu Cabin. To save-load a game, click on monitor, select an empty frame and then click save. The options menu has the display, audio and preference selections.

Moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen shows the inventory bar. Right-clicking brings up the inventory bar. Some inventory items have a word in blue that you can click on to activate the action associated with that item. The computer at left of the bottom bar is where you read all documents, notes, etc. and analyze items. It also shows mail and photographs automatically taken by Ariane. Click on the X at top right of the screen to close the laptop screen, .

To make Ariane run, double click on the footstep cursor. The game is linear and will not let you proceed with gameplay if an action has not been done. Pressing the spacebar skips the dialogues. Be sure to position Ariane on hotspots to get her to a specific action. Since the hotspots are small areas, move Ariane or the cursor around to find them.

Snaeffels Volcano


The helicopter flies in and lands down in a clearing on top of a volcano. Ariane starts using her camera when the rocks slide down and destroy the helicopter.

Helicopter - Walk to the copter to check the state of the pilot. The copter door is closed. Pick up the leftmost helicopter blade. Use the copter blade on the closed door.

Enter the copter and find that the pilot is gone. If inventory bar is activated, right-click to close it. Take rope, knife, computer and bag. Look inside the bag by clicking on unpack. See screwdriver, warm gloves, lighter and empty flask added to inventory.

Take the screwdriver from inventory and click it on the first aid kit on the wall. Unpack the first aid kit to get flask of clearing solution, adhesive plaster, bandage and tube of aspirins.

Use the knife on the electric wires left of the first aid kit to get some electric wires. Click on arrow at top left to exit the copter.

Seaside - Go to the left screen from the helicopter and see a bare tree and a seaside view.

To tell the office about the accident, click on use of the computer and see the laptop screen go to the left on the inventory bar. Click on computer monitor screen. The computer has documents, encyclopedia, mail and photos. Click on mail and see incoming and outgoing mail. Click on SOS to read the mail to be sent out and then click on mail with green arrow to send the e-mail. Click the X at top right of the laptop to close it.

Dark passage - Walk back and right of the helicopter screen. See a passage blocked by a boulder. Use the helicopter blade on boulder and the passage is cleared.

After doing everything at this clearing, go through the passage but it is dark. Use the lighter to light it and then click the lighter icon on the dark passage. Ahhhhh!

Underground at First Camp

Beach by old mine entrance - Meet Adam Coverlier, the hermit who needs help. Ask him all the dialogues. Help might be found at Askiam town through the old mine path. He wants you to find a crystal at a cave by the camp for his wand. The crystal has to be polished.

Pick up the tip of bone by Ariane's feet. Take the empty flask from inventory and click it on lone rock by edge of beach and Ariane will fill the flask with water.

Old mine - Go to bottom of screen to the old mine. Pick up the giant shell just left of the entrance to the mine. Enter and pick up the seals on the ground by crate and the old chisel on top of a box on right side of the screen. Exit the cave.

Other side of beach by cave - Cross the planks to the other side of the beach. Pick up the cloth at the foreground pile of debris and the fossilized wood at left of screen.

            Headstones -  Look close at the 2 headstone. Ariane says to look at the encyclopedia. Click on computer at left of bottom bar. Click the computer icon on the left headstone. The monitor blinks. Check encyclopedia to read about Ivan Platonov. It says he died of a drowning suicide at 1864 but the headstone states he died 1872.

Clean the other headstone - Look at the other headstone and you can barely read the markings. Use the cleaning solution in inventory with the cloth to get wet cloth. Use the wet cloth on the right headstone. Click the computer on Armand Latifere. The encyclopedia states that he disappeared in Iceland in 1864 but he died in 1874.

Cave - Enter the cave at left background by clicking on the net by waterfall and then turn to the cave. Click on the crystal above the ladder.

To get crystal - In inventory; use the gloves (one glove remains), combine the old chisel with the fossilized wood and then click the combination on the crystal.

Polish the crystal - Go to the contraption on right wall. Place crystal on the right stand. Click on bellows. Ariane needs something to polish it. Go outside the cave and click the hand icon just above the ferns to get sand. Place sand on the bottle of the contraption. Press bellows 4xs and the crystal changes shape to make a piece of polished crystal. Take crystal.

Old Mine - Go back to the old mine. Walk to the far end but it is too dark.

Get power/light - Go to big wheel on the left and look close at a power panel. Wear gloves. Place the electric wires on the panel. Use adhesive tape on exposed wires. Light comes on and the wheel turns.

Go to the dark end of the mine and see a big circle. Ariane states 'to use the seals in certain order to open'. The wheel is planked by a statue that looks like Adam and a giant.

Seal Puzzle - Click on the writing above the seal puzzle. The Occident is the opposite of the Orient. Our story begins as the sun rises. Nature and technology go their separate ways. First the ones whence we come. Then the one that feeds us. Followed by the one we mine. Comes the time of transformation And of famed energy. Finally those who guide us.

Look close at wheel. Click on a seal and place the seal on a slot.

The clue states that seals are in 2 different categories (Nature and Technology) and that they are opposite. The 'opposite' here is done as far as placements of the seals to statues.

Orient (East-right of modern man) Nature

Occident (West -left of primitive Giant) Technology

Mother - First the ones whence we come

Lighthouse - Finally those who guide us

Wheat - Then the one that feeds us

Bird in flight - And of famed energy

Mountain - Followed by the one we mine

Chemistry icons - Comes the time of transformation

Cloth and spinning tool - Comes the time of transformation

Gears - Followed by the one we mine

Lightning - And of famed energy

Sickle and Wheat - Then the one that feeds us

Theatrical Masks - Finally those who guide us

Sea - First the ones whence we come


Underground Wild Places

Mushroom Forest - Go forward to next screen.

Use the computer on the giant mushroom. Hmm - unknown species. Use to the knife to get  little mushrooms (strange smell) on the ground. Go forward until you see a hut on top of one giant mushroom. Climb the steps up.

Lookout Station - Exhaust all dialogue with the Lieutenant Lenkoff. This is an Army post and to get to town you have to cross the suspension bridge.

Heal the broken leg - His companion broke his leg and needs to ease his pain. Go down and continue to the right of the path until the suspension bridge. Look close at the stump of a mushroom. Use the knife to get flat pieces of mushroom. Go back to the Lieutenant at lookout station. Talk to him about splint now that you have the flat pieces of mushroom and the bandages.

Fix the horn - The conch used to call the pterodactyl is broken. We better make a new horn. Use lighter to get a light. Use lighter on tip of bone to make hard cranium. Use hard cranium on giant shell to make prepared shell.  Go back to the crystal cave to take (2 clicks on it) the bellows (can't be taken until the lieutenant asks you to repair the horn or if the crystal is not on the holder and is already polished - Thanks, Jinnie). Go back to the giant conch at lookout station. (Get an e-mail from your sister Eva and find out that you can't reply to any mails). Look closer on the giant conch and place the prepared shell at the tip of the giant conch. Place the bellows at the tip of the prepared shell. Talk to the lieutenant. Watch! I just saw a Pterodactyl.

            Lookout table - Check the table. Get the map and read it. The map is entered in the computer. Take a closer look at the table. Pick up the black powder pear, machete from table and slender vines from the chair.

Go back to suspension bridge. Cross the bridge and get an e-mail. Read the reply to your SOS on your computer.

Adam's hut - Click the computer on the animal skulls on top of the pole. They are dated 1600-1650 AD. Talk to Adam in front of his hut about everything. Enter the hut.

In the room with the books on the floor as you are facing the window, take the amulet hanging on the left post.

Go to inner room on the left and note the eggs under the lamp. Take pieces of wood and book from the table. The book is entered in the computer. Read about Armand Latifere and his discoveries of a Forgotten World. Click on the bowl on the table and throw the little mushrooms in it. See what happened to the pilot - wow, magic mushrooms!

Tangram puzzle - Combine the pieces of wood with the amulet in inventory. Fit the wood pieces inside the X like indentation. To turn the wood pieces place it on top of the arrow and then click. If done correctly, the amulet opens to be a key.

Exit at bottom of screen and take colored pigment from table. Use the opened amulet on the chest. Click the computer on bust and take the 2 rolled letters. Look in computer about the Hardwigg who returned to surface by being ejected by the volcano and the letter of Latifere and the Union letter.

Leave the hut and go left to continue your journey. Cross another bridge and get a news bulletin on the computer.


Fern Jungle - Climb down the rope ladder at end of the bridge. Walk to left of screen until blocked by giant ferns. Use machete on the ferns. Take the large leaf.


Savannah and Dinosaurs - Take photo of the T-Rex. Take the path right of the dead tree limbs. You can not continue with the T- Rex around.

Get rid of T- Rex - Look close at the hollow broken tree trunk aimed directly at the dinosaur. Let us make some fireworks.

In order, place: the large leaf on trunk, colored pigment,  black powder pear and then the slender vines. Use the lighter and then light your homemade fireworks.

Continue forward pass the dead dinosaur.

Power up the rail car - See a railcar that resembles a hamster wheel cage that is on the rails. See a teeny dinosaur trying to get a fruit. Poor guy. Take fruits from the tree and then look close at the railcar. Get an e-mail that states that the pilot is rescued. The teeny one follows you. Hmm. Open the wheel cage door on the left side of the wheel. Place the fruits inside the cage. Watch!

The City - Askiam


Outside the Gate - Read the latest news bulletin in the computer. Talk to the guard, Ocine. Ariane gives the password to get to talk to the Chief Engineer. Ocine wants you to fix his camera in the lab at the old tower. A key is placed in inventory. War?


Tower - Go to the left outside the city gates. Use the key to enter the tower. Click the computer on camera to learn about the Ganz Lux 4. Look at the pictures of Ariane on her travels. You are being watched.

Develop a picture -  Look at stand on table. Read the user guide to developing films on the wall.

Take photographic paper to be developed. Flip the switch on the left wall. Place photographic paper on table. Click on enlarger, the tube above the table and see images show up on photographic paper. Click the enlarger again.

Take paper and place on left, then top and lastly, right tray.

Read the photo and see it black and white in the computer. Exit the tower.

Inside the gate - Enter the gate and talk with Wallace, the Chief Engineer. I wish Ariane would stop cleaning her sleeves. Tickets for the altimonorail and pass for the archives are placed in inventory when the Academy archives and the Rector are mentioned.

Click the computer on poster and then read it. Walk to bottom of screen to enter the city proper and read the new e-mail. Take the path to the left of screen and enter the building.


Communication Center - Note the clock has stopped. Click on the microphone on the desk and talk to Figaro. Look at the poster using the computer. Go through door and enter the left door that is unlocked.

            Communication room - Look at the posters of February and March, 2007 and a cruiser advertisement. Go to left of screen and talk to Enrique, mailman and projectionist. He gives you the key to the projection room and reel #218.

            Projection room - Go back out to the main hallway and use the key on the ornate locked door. Read the note at bottom right shelf. Read the poster left of the projector. Click reel 218 on the projector's reel wheels and watch. Analyze reel 218 and identified the movie as the world wars of the 20th century. Scam?

            Transport room - Go back to the Communication room and then forward to the elevator at the center of the room. Talk to Figaro, the man in charge of the Altimonorails and the power supply. The transmission coordinates have been changed that is why there's no energy being collected. He needs to have the coordinates recalculated and entered in the machine.

Transmission coordinates puzzle - Let's look for the paper that has the coordinates. Go back down using the elevator. Take the calculation sheet on desk at left by window. Click calculate and then look in the computer. It shows the corrected coordinates.

Go back up to Figaro and click on right side of the control panel. Enter 6283, 1667, 5483 and 2092. When correctly done, you backed out automatically from the panel.

Talk to Figaro about repaired. He gives a confirmation telegram that needs to be sent. He allows your laptop to be recharged. Sabotage?

Go back to Enrique and tell him about the telegram.


Crossroads - Leave the building, take the bottom path, right and then top path.

While standing by the crossroad, see a triceratops with a rider on the other street. Pet the triceratops. Watch.

Talk to Heracles, the man standing by the stained glass door. He is all out of eggs for his customers. The next caravan to the diamond mines won't leave for another 3 months.


Pet Store -    Enter the shop and check the counter. Take the prescription codes book and blank punch cards. Read the book. Press the button under the counter. This opens the door by the aquarium. Enter the secret door.

            Office - Well, lookee here - Adam! Take and read the note in front of Adam about Heracles out of biocardamom. Talk to Adam. He needs Hanagra of Syl prescription. Play with the triceratops hologram on the table by pressing the square button and stop by pressing the single round button. Look on the left shelf and take the needle by the half triceratops. Talk to Adam about the hologram and learn about the telelogram.

Go back to the main pet store and click the computer on the clock on top of the wall. It says that the clock is 0.75 second faster for one minute. So that explains the year 2007 but not the war.  Exit the store and go back to the crossroad. Take the left path.


Pharmacy -  Talk to the Armanda Grunfeld, woman behind the window. She is on to Adam's tricks and would not give you the prescription. Since you've got Heracles note, talk to her about the biocardamom. She will get some at the University and then give her your ticket. 

Get Adam's Hanagra of Syl -  In inventory, click the needle on the punch cards. In zoom mode, punch the holes to make a prescription for Hanagra of Syl based on the prescription code book.

When Armanda leaves, insert the punch card on the slot under the window. You might need to move Ariane to see the slot and the lever. Move Ariane on step down and to the right. Push the lever at left center of wheel. Take the flask of Hanagra of Syl. Go back to pet store and Adam.

Pet store - Talk to Adam and give the potion. Adam gives you an aerial map to find the giants. Read the fly map in the computer. Leave the store.


Market -  Go to the crossroad again. This time go to bottom of screen.

            Balloonist - Go left and talk to Gustav, the balloonist.  His balloon needs a few adjustments first before he can take you up.  He needs for you to go to the University to get helium and fix the leak on the main tube.

            Stall - Go to that stall with a clock. Take grease and old dinosaur skin from the table.   

            Altimonorail - Go to the right side on the rotunda and enter the building to get to the altimonorail. Click on Academy. Take the pass on inventory and click it on the destination you want to go to or click twice without the pass. Click the pass on Academy.


Academy - Climb the stairs and enter the building.

            Universal Research Laboratory - Go left and through the door. Talk to Armanda and she will leave also. Leave the room, go outside and get another news bulletin about the war in the surface. Go to the right and enter the door.

            Archives - Talk to Wallace and Alexander, the Rector of the University. Alexander warns you about Wallace. Stand in front of the open drawer of the desk. Use computer on green book and the book at right top of desk. Take the reel #254 from the desk. Read the 2 books about the giants and perpetual light.

Look at the machine on the right of the screen. Pull the lever on the left and take the selection sheet. Read the selection sheet. Well, well, well, look at what Wallace has been researching on.

Go back to the Research lab where Armanda was - at opposite end from the Archives.

            Research Lab - Armanda has left. Look close on desk and take file and iron plate. Go to bottom screen and walk to the big door of the contraption on the right - the hotspot is on the middle right of the floor. Move Ariane a bit and take the helium bottle on the floor just close to the door of the contraption. Go back to the altimonorail and click the pass on Communication center.


Communication center - After getting off the altimonorail, go right to the communication center. Go to the projector room and click the reel #254 from the archive on the projector reel wheel. Oops, see Ariane destroying the control panel - the machete on the fern film and the control panel superimposed. Ariane is being framed.


Tower outside the city - Leave the building, forward and take the left path. Go to the tower outside the gate to fix the camera as promised.

Fix the camera - In inventory, click the file on iron plate to get filed sheet of iron. Click filed sheet of iron on camera. Grease the camera.

Go outside and tell Ocine, the guard that the camera is repaired. He lets you leave the city. Time to look for eggs for Heracles.


Dinosaur Eggs for Heracles - Remember the eggs we saw at Adam's hut. There will be no cutscene to show you are moving, but you will find yourself in the jungle area after a brief black screen transition.  Go past the ferns, up the rope ladder, across the bridge and enter Adam's hut. Take the dinosaur eggs at the back room. Go back to the rail car and click on it.  Again, there isn�t a cutscene to show movement, but you�ll find yourself back at the city. Go straight on main road to Heracles at the pet store and give him the eggs. He tells you about Gustav, the balloonist and about the giants.


Balloonist - Go to the marketplace by taking the bottom path from the crossroad. Talk to Gustav again. He needs an aerial map to go to the giant. Adam gave you an aerial fly map, remember.

Fix the balloon - Click on balloon machine left of Gustav. See the hole on the pipe with blue sky showing through. Use the old dinosaur skin on the hole and the helium bottle on the protruding small pipe beside the gauge. Click the aerial map on the machine square panel above the small levers. Watch the fascinating scenery.



Talk to Gustav. Check the computer about the latest news bulletin.


Clearing - Go to left screen and talk to Kanoul Pale, keeper of the Mastodons. To get to the mines, you need to take a submarine from port in the northern territory.  Pick up mastodon hairs on the ground in front of Kanoul. Go left to the village.


Village Gate - Go to the gate and find that you can't enter due to a force field. Go back to Kanou Pale. He gives you pipe herbs. Talk to him about the gate and force field. Leave all sharp objects at the gate. The force field is maintained in the Valley of the Spirit. Go back to the gate of the village. Leave the knife and machete on the ground by the gate and enter the open gate.


Matriarch - Talk to the Aira Mnude, the Matriarch of the village at the hut. There's a hole in the force field and she gives you permission to enter at the Valley of the Spirits.


Gardener - Go right of hut and see a field of beautiful flowers. Talk to the Tohu Malla, the gardener standing by the gate to jousting area of the magicians. He needs a weather forecast for his fragile flowers. Take the path left of the hut and then take the left way from the main path.

Fisherman - Talk to the fisherman who wants tobacco. Payan Ouva, fisherman and meteorologist talks to you after given tobacco. He needs the right bait to catch big, meaty fish. He uses a rare heat-giving firefly placed in a translucent shell as bait. Leave and talk to him again about the weather forecast for the gardener. Fog!

Go back to the gardener right of the hut. He asks that you ask the healer for protection for his flowers. Take the path left of hut and then go north.

Healer - Talk to Jahine Duubra, the healer treating a mastodon. She needs bitter berries from the Valley of the Spirits. The berries are under one of the arches on Initiation Lane and picked with hands that are clean and well protected. To get into the jousting area during the day you will need a repellent stem that she gives you. She places a protective spell on the gardener's seedlings.  Look close on the shelf and take the empty shell from top shelf at right.

Go back to the gardener and tell him his seedlings are now protected. He gives you the heat-giving firefly as thanks. Guess who wants the firefly. Go to the fisherman and give him the firefly. He gives you a living shell.


Arena -  Go back to the Arena gate behind the gardener. Use the repellent stem on the gate to open it. Talk to Bares Mohul, master of Recomposition. The Ball of Memory that preserves the memory of everything can only be read by the Matriarch. He disappears.

Vegetable lens puzzle -  (The clue to this puzzle is found later in the game and placed here only for expediency and less hair pulling.) Look at the bowl by the left giant face. Place the empty shell in the water, then the living shell and then the mastodon hairs. See the mollusk move from the living shell to the empty shell - it didn't like the mastodon hair. Click on the living shell when you see the tail of the mollusk appear. This breaks the living shell. Take the clean vegetable lens.

Fisherman - Ask the fisherman about the Alley of Initiation. The magicians work on the 5 senses: smell, hearing sight, taste and touch and then all 5 senses combined. Each arch marks a stage of initiation.

Go to the place close to the healer. Check a new e-mail.


Arches at Initiation Lane - See a floating island above at end of the lane.

           Berries - When on close-up walking under the arches, note the berry plant left of the middle left posts. Click for a closer look at the berry plant. and use glove to pick the berries.

            Healer - Give the berries to the healer. She gives you information on how to get up to the floating garden. You need to produce a sequence of  6 sounds. Each sound is produced by closing holes in 2 of the sacred posts. The combination is obtained by reading the symbols on the arches in Initiation Lane and follow them in strict order. The first arch indicates the first sound.

            Arches - Go back to Initiation lane. There are 3 posts on each side of the path. Walk under the arch and see that the first post is at the left side. Remember the white lines on the posts. Go forward to the Valley of the Spirits.


Valley of the Spirits - Go around starting on the left fork from the main path and find 6 holed stands with a leaf that can cover the holes. Number the stands as stand 1 on the left of main path going clockwise to stand 6 at right of main path.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Get to Floating island:

1. The white line patterns on the posts at Initiation Lane are the sound diagrams. See chart below. (Hint - These patterns are similar to the way researchers write down whale sounds.)

2. Find 2 posts whose holes when covered by leaves will produce those sounds.  See columns 2 and 3  of chart below.

a. Cover the holes of 2 stands with their leaves.

b. Pull the tongue of the face on the rock to hear the sound produced.

3. Then reproduce those sounds in sequence by following the middle column in the chart below. Saved Game here. This puzzle does not reset. If a mistake is done in doing the sequence - always go back to a saved game and redo it puzzle clean.

Sound diagram

Cover holes of Posts starting clockwise from left of main path

Sounds like

Post 1

 1 and 4, pull tongue

rooh, rooh, rooh, rooh

Post 2

 3 and 5, pull tongue

eeeoeu, eeeoeu

Post 3

 4 and 6, pull tongue

ohuh, oohuh, ohuh, oohuh

Post 4

 1 and 5, pull tongue

dt, dt, dt, dt

Post 5

 2 and 3, pull tongue

wahuwah, wahuwah

Post 6

 1 and 6, pull tongue



Floating Garden - See the floating island go down.

Talk to Adam. The breach in the barrier is in the garden. The spirits are divided. The haloes are made visible by a vegetable lens made by a special mollusk. The submarine outside the village will take you to the diamond mines. Hide in the hold of the submarine and Adam will give you the code.

Use the 'come down' dialogue, if you missed a clue and need to get off the island. Do what you need to do, pull the tongue out again and the island will drop down.

Fix the breach in the barrier - Go around the island and see a halo with dirty lens at the right path 2 screens over from Adam. Place the clean vegetable lens to replace the other one.

Talk to Adam and then he will leave. Read the code that is in inventory.

Leave the village and back to area of the keeper of the mastodons.


Submarine - Go right of screen (hotspot at middle of ground area) back to the balloon. Go to the door on the rock cliff in the background. Check another e-mail. Enter the ball door. The steps makes a sound when you step on it.  There's a panel by the door that shows 17.

Enter the submarine and get kicked off the sub by the captain. Yeah - how do we get in without being detected.

Sneak in submarine - Go out the ball door and note that the panel must be a counter of the people coming in. The sounds the steps make is the counting.

Go back to the village. Talk to the boy by the fisherman's hut about seeing a submarine. The boy follows you inside the ball door. The counter still reads 17 because you and the boy entered together.

Talk to the boy to get him to go home. Look at the counter now and it reads 16. Hopefully, the captain will be tricked.

Go in the sub and enter the door on the left. Go to the control panel and enter the code given by Adam - 5731X. When you click the numbers in only a very slight sound will be heard to show that it is entered. Fast ride!



Dock - Talk to Angus, Captain of the Eider. He will give you special pass to enter the mines for a favor - to give Maoro Fi seeds from his country. To get to Maoro Fi, don't let anybody see you until the extraction zones and hide in automated wagon programmed to take you directly there. The machete and knife are back in inventory.

Go left towards the green automatic mine car. Look close at lever on the side of the car. Move the knob left and then down. Watch.


Mine - Go to bottom screen and talk to the digging giant. He gives a message to Angus. Read the message - Heard tell of a revolt some would rather fight than mine. No names but keep your eyes peeled. Go back to the Captain via the mine cart. Give him the message, get a visitor's pass and learn more about the resistance. Hmm. Back to the mines by clicking on the entrance to mines.

Talk to the head driver, Firmin. The machine needs filter, water pressure is too low and he gives you an order slip. Orders are rubber stamped by Wallace. Read the order note 24/EZ for part 74F1.


Platform - Go to the derrick-elevator at back wall. Press the buttons at left of elevator. At the surface, check a news bulletin in the computer.

Go to the right screen. Talk to the giant Hutha Meo, supervisor of the platform standing guard by the geyser elevator. The geyser is accessed by anyone having a management staff card. Go back close to the derrick-elevator and go right by the long building. You will see an aerial view of the platform: the large supplies building, glass roofed building, waterwheel between them and to the left the guarded geyser entry. Enter the door at the end of the large supplies building.


Supplies and sorting building - Talk to Amalia. Her staff mate can use the geyser. Pick up the paper by Ariane's feet. Read it - Let the revolt begin. Meeting tomorrow. A.

            Supplies - Go to the next aisle and take filter on the right shelf. Turn around and take blank sheet of paper and lead pencil by the ladder. Click pencil on blank sheet of paper and then read it in the computer - it's a diagram with Xes. Check another e-mail. Click on green metal plate on the floor for the hotspot to the main aisle. Go to the back of the building.

            Sorting area - Click the computer on the bulletin board and read the schedule and rules. Click to the right of end of the aisle and then climb ladder to go the worker in yellow. Talk to Kia Tran, in charge of sorting. He lied about access to the geyser. Leave the building and go back to the mines to deliver the filter.


Mine - Talk to Firmin. He wants you to recalibrate his machine based on the calculation sheet.

Recalibrate machine -

Calculate the sheet and look at the computer for the result.

First step - ideal cadence 15. Second step - ideal cadence 37. Third step - ideal cadence 8.

Go to the machineries by right wall and look close at the 3 gauges by the pipe going up.

1. Click on the button of the left gauge to turn it green. Click on the 15 mark to move the slider to 15. Check gauge.

2. Click on the button of the middle gauge to turn it green. Click on the 37 mark to move the slider to 37. Check gauge.

3. Click on the button of the right gauge to turn it green. Click on the 8 mark to move the slider to 8. Check gauge.

If correctly done all the buttons will turn green.

Go back to Firmin and talk to him about machine. He gives you a map of the mine. Read map. There's an arrow behind the geyser door the giant was guarding.


Supervisor building - Take the elevator to the surface again. Go to the right by the long building and then to the glass roofed building at the southeast corner of the platform.

Go inside the glass roofed building and talk to Taal Nadi, platform supervisor and friend of Adam. The lab is accessed through the geyser. The geyser is alarmed but there's a system here that blocks the mechanism.

See Bares Mohul appear outside. Ariane asks Taal to distract Bares, who said he's never been here before and to tell him, she's just leaving. Take the black sheet of iron at the right foreground behind Ariane.

Turn off the alarm of the geyser elevator - Look close at the console that is used to 'unjam' the geyser. Each set of numbers must go to the other side.

Move 1 black number to the right.

Move 2 white numbers to the left.

Move 3 black numbers to the right.

Move 4 white numbers to the left.

Move 5 black numbers to the right.

Move 5 white numbers to the left.

Move 5 black numbers to the right.

Move 4 white numbers to the left.

Move 3 black numbers to the right.

Move 2 white numbers to the left.

Move 1 black number to the right. Green light comes on.

Now the geyser elevator doesn't have an alarm. Next, we should take care of the guard by the geyser elevator door.


Waterwheel -

Distract the guard by the geyser door - Go to the open pipe located between supplies and the glass roofed supervisor building. Stand next to the water flow at the point just above the stairs leading down to the water wheel. Place the sheet of iron to block the flow of water on the open pipe. Go down the ladder to the waterwheel and use the machete on the belt on the smaller wheel on the left.

Geyser elevator - Talk to Hutha Meo and he will leave his post. Enter the geyser elevator and see the lever to go back to the platform, an open pipe-tube and a diamond with buttons that looks familiar. Look close at the buttoned diamond and recollect the tracings on the blank paper (Schema) taken at the supplies building. Press the buttons as shown by Xes on the schema. WOW!


Laboratory - Enter the door at bottom of screen. Ariane hides while Armanda talks to a co-conspirator. Armanda leaves. Go to bottom screen and take the red phial of acid (Armanda's favorite drink) :) from the sink.

Ball Puzzle -   Go to the desk by the exit door and click the computer on the paper under the desktop.

12 white sister. One of them has a different weight.

In three weighings you have to find out which one of them it is.

Otherwise she'll change her name.

Ariane says 'One of these balls must go to the elevator tube'.

You are to find a 'unique' ball', it could be lighter or heavier.

You can only weigh the balls 3 times.

If you start a new game, the balls are mixed up and new balls are added.


Solution A:    The following description is what works for me.

1. Start by grouping the balls to 3 sets of 4 balls.

2. Weigh 2 sets of balls (4 balls on each pan) by flipping the lever to hold and then release to weigh the pans.

If they are equal, the third set has the unique ball.

If they are uneven, the unique ball is in the 2 sets of balls weigh.

Remember which pan is the heavier or lighter.

3. Take off  2 balls from one pan - remember if it is from a heavier or lighter pan.

4. Take one ball from one pan and place it on the other pan to even the number of balls to 3 each pan.

5. Weigh the pans.

If they are even, the unique ball is found on the 2 original balls taken off.

If they are still uneven, and the pan that was heavy stays heavy - work with balls on the heavy pan.

If they are still uneven and the pans changed weight - work on the balls of the changed pan.

6. Weigh the pan the third time with only a ball each.

From here you can deduce which ball is unique.

Remember the sequence choice of ball selections - ex. heavy, heavy and heavy - the light one is the unique ball in the last weighing.


Solution B by Jen in Chgo:

First weigh 6 balls on the left & 6 on the right.
Keep the 6 in the heavy pan.
Divide those six in the heavy pan into 3 & 3 for the second weigh. 3 on the left & 3 on the right.
Keep the 3 in the heavy pan.
Now it doesn't matter which two balls you pick out of the 3 heavy ones left. Just pick two & weigh them in opposite pans.

If one is heavier than the other, then that's the one. If they are equal, then the ball you did not weigh is the one you want.

Check the safe and Ariane says she needs more info.  Go to the bookcase and open the right door. You have to position Ariane coming from the right to get a hotspot on the bookcase. Click the computer on the book at second from top shelf and see a memo about Antwerp Diamond Cutters. Go out - uh oh, Armanda locked us in. Use the phial of acid on the lock and find Ariane on the catwalk.

Go to the geyser elevator. Place the unique ball on the open pipe-tube at bottom right of screen.


Secret Office:

Check the desk at opposite wall from elevator door. Take a reel of film, fake photo (read), disk (analyze) and the note in the book. The disk contained 3 bank accounts - 2 personal and one official. The note in the book is a diary. Read the diary about Alexander.  Look at the map on the wall.


It's time to choose:

Go through the ornate double doors and be famous. You will see what happens to this place when surface people comes because of Ariane's scoop. Game ends.

Go through the small door to the elevator and help the people that have become your friends. Game continues.


More Proof of the Conspiracy


Go through the small door to the elevator. Pull the lever to get to the platform. Check the news bulletin. Talk to Taal Nadi. Bares set off an alarm when he saw Ariane. Adam is at the supervisor platform. Ariane told Taal that she blocked the exit to the surface. Go to the glass roofed Supervisor building.



Supervisor Building - Talk to Adam. The safe has the proofs of the conspiracy needed to show the allies. The tubes on the safe must contain same quantity of  liquid - figure what is in each test tube and go from there.

Click the computer on the chemical formula paper on the floor and read - Add the black diamond powder to the acidic solution and the white diamond powder to the basic solution. Take another sheet of iron by the control panel. Go to the Supplies building.


Supplies building - Diamond Sorting Area - Go to the main aisle to the back of the building where you saw Kia Tran sorting the diamonds. Climb the ladder to go where Tran stood before. Take the white and the black diamond powder from the conveyor belt. Read a new memo on the bulletin board about procedures to be undertaken concerning diamonds. Read the duty note concerning contact with Ariane.

Go to the geyser elevator and click on the diamond button to go to the laboratory.


Laboratory -

            Sink - Enter and go to the sink. Take the strips for chemical analysis. Analyze and read how to interpret the results of the strips: neutral - strips stays the same, acid solution - color becomes deep and basic solution - color becomes light.

            Safe - There are three tubes on the front of the safe, but the hotspot associated with each tube is tricky to find. Pass the cursor over the hotspots near the top of the tubes until you can clearly distinguish three hotspots. Use the pH strips on the 3 tubes on the door of the safe.

Blue tube - strip became lighter - basic solution

Red tube - strip became darker - acid solution

Clear tube - strip stayed the same - neutral solution.

Based on the chemical formula paper from the Supervisor building, diamond powder needs to be added to neutralize the solutions. BUT do the opposite of what is stated on the paper.

Blue tube - basic solution - add black diamond powder

Red tube - acidic solution - add white diamond powder

White tube - neutral solution already.

Click the computer on the books in the opened safe and read about the confidential clients and the account report. Go back down to the platform.

Platform - Talk to Taal Nadi again. He believes now and will meet you at the village. Go to the derrick elevator. Take the ladder by the elevator. Go down to the mines.


Mines - Go to right screen by the machineries on the wall and see dynamite attached on an overhanging metal. Click the ladder on the metal door to the left of the rope. Climb up and use the knife on dynamite.

Go to the extreme left of the derrick-elevator and look at stack of dynamites on the mine cart. Ariane wants it pushed to the sea.

Go through the mine and out to the submarine. Talk to the Captain. He's still stubborn. Go to the end of the railway tracks close to the water's edge - where the railcar used to stand. Place the sheet of metal on the railway tracks and Ariane will make a ramp to the sea.

Go back inside the mine to the dynamite laden mine cart.

Use gloves and then click on the lever just a little to the left of the switch stand between the 2 rail tracks. The hotspot here is a little difficult to find.

 Then click on the mine cart to give it a push. Watch what happens.

Go back and talk to the Captain. You will travel back to the dock by the Giant�s village, though you won�t see an in-transit cutscene.



Arrive by the village dock. Check the e-mail. Go talk to the balloonist and select Giants. Go to the village.


Healer - Talk to Jahine, the healer since nobody else is around. She wants the Ball of Memory as proof of Bares' part in the conspiracy. Wake the plants with the help of the little butterfly that after being fed will fertilizer the flowers and the wall of vegetation will open up. Use the snare-flower. Look close at the shelf behind Jahine and take the giant red trapping plant.

To get the Ball of Memory:

Garden - Outside the arena gates, use flask full of water on the yellow flower at the corner of the garden in the foreground. Then click the butterfly on the same hotspot.

Watch. The butterfly made an opening on the wall of the arena.


Arena -  Enter and on the aerial view, place the trapping flower on the sole square slab on the ground. It will trap the ball of memory. Go back to the healer.

Healer -  Talk to the healer and give her the ball of memory. The matriarch is in the valley of the spirits. She gives you a flute to neutralize the force field.


Valley of the Spirits - Use the flute on the force field. Go forward until the face on the stone to bring the floating garden down. The tongue is gone but a message is left there instead. Read the message of Alexander to Bares Mohul.


Balloon - Leave the valley and go to the balloon and Gustav. Ask Gustav to go back to the City.



Market -  Balloon lands at the market. See that Armanda is blocking the entry to the altimonorail station tower. You can walk directly in front of her, though, and she doesn�t raise the alarm. Go to the stall with the clock. Take the blue cloth and the telephone token.


Crossroads - Exit marketplace and be at the crossroads. Talk to Enrique. Adam asked him to watch over Ariane. Wallace is at the University.


Public Phones -

Market - Check the public phone #123-06 between the barrels close to the arched exit of the marketplace. Not enough information to use the phone.

Crossroads - Go to the end of the path north of the pet shop and see public phone #123-05 left of the last house.

Main road - At main road before turning left to the market, see another public phone #123-08 at the corner. Main Gate - Go to the main exit out of the city that is now closed and see another public phone #123-04 to the left of the gate.

Communications Building - Then, go to the Communications building. See that Bares Mohul is guarding the entry to the other Altimonorail station tower. Ariane has the idea of knowing the public phone number to the tower where Bares is and trick him by pretending to be Armanda.


To get Bares away from the Communications building altimonorail -

Go back to Enrique and ask him for the phone number of the public phone by Bares. He gives you the list of the phone numbers. Read the numbers in the computer. By deduction the only phone number we have not seen is 123-09 - so that's the number of the phone by Bares.

Go to any public phone. I used the one at the end of the road north of Enrique.

Place the blue cloth on the round dial and mouth piece.

Click the token on the slot. Listen to Ariane talk to Bares.

Go to the Communication center area and see that Bares is gone. Take the altimonorail to the Academy.



Laboratory - Go to the laboratory at left screen after entering the building. Check an e-mail from Hector. Look close at table and take the note concerning the power collector from the box and the conference papers. Analyze and read them.

The Energy Collector shows that to change the collector coordinates: emit a photoelectric wave frequency 054, density 7 and coordinates 45W, 78N. The Conference paper states questions about the giants and humans.

Go to bottom of screen and close to the machine on the right. Now you will see the table. Look close at corner table. Read the paper on the desk.

Hanoi Tower - Move each roll of film to the third post to reconstruct the same tower. Caution: Never put a bigger roll on a smaller one (this may bend it out of shape).

Click on a roll and place it on any stand as long as you don't put a bigger one over a smaller one. Good luck!

For the solution - Click on R. Ellison's Hanoi Tower Puzzle Solution.

Take the note and Plimantair flask from the compartment. Read the note. Plimentaire (C2H6O): harmless for humans, harmful to giants (25% lethal). Transmitted by contact. Takes effect in 15 minutes. Cannot be eradicated. Go to Archive room right of main entrance door.


Archives - Lift up and down the lever of  the big typewriter like machine to the right of the desk. Take the printout and read the RectorChoice. Hmmm!

Leave the archives - Uh Oh! Now we're in trouble! Talk to the Rector with Bares on watch.



Alert the Others of the Conspiracy


Peter's Prison - Go to right screen and look at the paper on top of the drawer right of fireplace. Message to Peter - Please detain the young lady until I arrive.

Look around a see a hanging basket suspended from a grill at the ceiling.

Go to the arched blocked doorway. While facing the blocked doorway, click on left frame by tree branch.


Peter's Laboratory - Enter the next room. Take the fuse under the right side of the tabletop and the periscope map paper on the table top. Read the periscope map and see it missing lens and mirror.

Go to left screen and talk to Peter. Play with the periscope and it turns 90 deg.

Escape - Go back to the other room.

In inventory, combine the dynamite and fuse. Place the combined dynamite in the hanging basket.

Use lighter on basket and watch. Pick up the iron bar.

Go to bottom screen with the view of the fireplace to the left. See an opening at the ceiling.

Click iron bar on rope and then use it on the opening at the ceiling.

Old mine by the beach -  Go to opening framed by statues and then to the Mushroom Garden. Talk to Adam. Find Gustav. To stand guard, Adam needs food, blanket, fern mattress, box of wood and coal. Find Jahine, the healer and warn her of the plague. Go and take the bones from pile in front of his hut. For proof, tell others to come and see the surface. What a list to do.

Go back inside the mine and click on items opposite the rotating wheel to pick up coal and empty box beside it.


Mushroom forest - At screen after Adam, pick up ferns.

Go up the platform station. Take the food reserves from the plate on the table and blanket from the bed.

Go to Adam and talk about Installation to give him all the items he needs to stand guard.


Adam's hut - Go through the forest and the bridge. Check the e-mail from Gary about turning the laptop on and off every 5 minutes. Go pass Adam's hut and just before the next bridge, pick up the bone (little crushed bones) protruding in front of the rocks.



Savannah - Go forward and see Gustav flying by the Giant fern forest. Click on the balloon. Continue forward until the dinosaur place. Talk to Gustav. He takes you to the Giants.


Giants Village - Read the news bulletin. In the clearing by the mammoths, pick up the dry mastodon dung and coconuts on the ground. Proceed to the village.

Talk to Taal Nadi at the hut.


Fisherman - Talk to fisherman, Payan Ouva. In exchange for a firefly, Payan Ouva wants you to put back the crawfish traps where they were.

There are 3 symbols: One male, female and one for couples. There are 3 traps: males, females and couples. The current mixed them up. Look for lines tied to bottom and then lure them with the bait.

Crawfish trap puzzle:     Go left of the fisherman's hut and look close at the 3 traps.

There are 3 traps with ropes colored red, green-blue and gray.

There are 3 stones marked green-blue male, red female and both symbols in one stone.

Place the bait on a stone.

When a crawfish comes, check the color and then click on the corresponding colored trap - either the red or the green.

Then click another trap and it will change to the color of the trap you initially clicked. Then clicked on the third trap to change it to that color also.

You're done when the bait disappears from inventory and you get out of the close-up mode.

Talk to the fisherman and he will give you the firefly.

This is what worked for me:

If Green crab - sink green trap, sink gray trap that turns green, sink red trap that turns green.

If Red crab - sink red trap, sink green trap that turns red , sink gray trap that turns red.


Healer - Talk to Jahine.  She needs heated coconut, crushed bones and berries from initiation lane to make the potion to protect the village.


Go to initiation lane look close at last post on the left, use gloves (one glove) and pick up the berries of the 5 senses. Go back to the healer.

Place the mammoth dung on the rock close to the healer's leg.

Use the lighter and then click it on the dung. It will now be on fire.

Place the coconut on the fire.

Place the berries on the coconut.

Place the crushed bones on the coconut.

Tell the healer about the preparation. She says - Pour the brew on the sponge and squeeze it on the village square.

Use gloves and take the floating coconut brew to get a ready sponge.

Go to the hut, talk to Taal Nadi about the sponge.

Squeeze the sponge on the holes on the floor right of Taal Nadi.

Talk to Taal Nadi again. He will see you to the Valley of the Spirits.


Valley of the Spirits - Talk to the matriarch, Aira Mnude. Watch!



Go back to the balloon and Gustav. It's time to go back to the city.


Marketplace - After landing at the marketplace, the phone rings. Answer the public phone left of the entryway. Enrique wants you.

Ariane says to disable the balloon. Go to the balloon, click on the control panel and take the helium bottle.


Communications building - Go to the communications center either by walking or the altimonorail. Talk to Enrique at the communications control panel. He gives you the master key to block the altimonorail to the Academy.

Use the elevator and then look close at the control panel. Click on the button under Academy to turn it to red. Pick up the pliers from the floor.


Wallace - Go to the Pharmacy, left path from the crossroad. Talk to Wallace about the poison and other topics to convince him.


Now to find the missing parts of the periscope after all the invitations given out:

Go to the pet store by standing at the hotspot on the road in front of the store. It's closed. Use the master key and enter the pet store. Go to the backroom office and use the pliers on the magnifying lens by the half triceratops. What else was missing on the periscope? Mirror.

Go to Ocine outside the city gates. Talk to Ocine and he allows you to take the mirror from his camera. Go to the tower and click on the camera to get a small mirror.

Read the new e-mail from Gary. Click on the dinosaur-power railcar.


Peter's Laboratory - Automatically arrive at Peter's Lab.

Fix the periscope -

Click on the  periscope. At close up, place the glowing firefly inside to see the mechanics of the periscope.

Move back the 3 clamps.

Place the small mirror at the base.

Place the lens on the 3 clamps.

Take the bright firefly out.

Talk to Peter. Click the computer on the coordinates paper on top of the table by the door. The coordinates - view harbor 125 - 87.

Click on the periscope. Watch.

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