Known as Tangrams, a puzzle game from China. There are almost always multiple solutions, but it will only take one. If you're stuck, just drag a big piece into the puzzle to see when starts changing color just that little bit. Let it go and if it's in the right place it'll change color and snap in. These are all the ones I encountered - after that they started repeating themselves.


Click play then Mouse-over the videos on the bottom to select the one you want to see.


All the pipes puzzles are randomly generated. You want to go from the absolutes to the relatives; what I mean is to move the things that have NO choice as to their positions - straight pipes at the edge has to be parallel to the edge, corners at the corners can’t stick out. Then you work on the straight and curved pipes that attach to those, then lastly twist the rest of them into position.

Chapter 1

The Desk - Collect the items asked (arrows point to them), then use the match on the box, and then the match on the paper on the floor. Set the clock on the wall to what the apper asks you to, then use the key to open the safe that appears.


The Bathroom - Get the tweezers from the tub, and the other two parts from the pipe. Open the panel of the tub with the tweezers, and use the parts. Turn the red handle. Open the box to the right of the toilet with the password in the mirror.


The Living Room - Pick up the tape and flashlight from the shelves. Get the hammer from the toolbox.Go to the next room with the flashlight and hit the switch next to the door. Break the vase with the hammer. Get the key. Use the key on the cupboard next door. Get the batteries. Go back to the other room and fix the wires under the floorboards. Put the batteries in the remote and hit the green button.


Chapter 2

The Kitchen - Collect the items arrows are pointing to, then put the cylinder into the blowtorch. Open the fridge, and use the lit torch on the block of ice. Click on the radio and add the button. Add whatever number you got from the fridge to the tuner.


The Science Lab - Get the chalk from under the board, the screwdriver from the left locker, and a paperclip from the drawer. Use chalk on chalkboard, screwdriver on side of computer. Use number from board in computer. Use the locker number on padlock, get lens. Use lens in microscope.


Chapter 3

In the Attic - get the lighter from the top of a box. Use the lighter on the box bound with string. Get the rest of the items. Use lens on machine at right. Open panel and use lighter on candle. Put slide in machine. Click on revealed bricks.


The Toy Shop - Pick up the knife from next to the yellow tray and the yellow water gun from the table. Use water gun on the window to reveal a code. Open the lattice cupboard with code, take ladder, open closed package with knife. Take train.Assemble train and tracks in green space near window. Press red button. Use key on cash register.


Here�s the trick: rotate the two circles that has white lines on the outside to line them up with each other. If you look carefully you can see the impression of these lines on the left side even after your mouse left them. Then rotate the outside to match those two. Once you think you have all three lined up, drag the middle circle and keep dropping it so the game would lock it into place once the entire thing lines up.

Chapter 4

The Boat - Take the coffee and spyglass. Pour coffee down the drain. Open cupboard. Use code in lock. Get Morse code from logbook. Use Morce code in machine. The radar should give you a new bearing. Click on the wheel area and pull the crank. Change bearing to new number. Use spyglass on ship.


Voodoo - Take 3 jars off the shelf, pins off pin cushion, paper off table, and penny next to the broom. Use penny on crystal ball, Use code on cauldron. Put paper over cauldron, use pins on voodoo dall according to paper.


Chapter 5

Eye Test - Open drawer and take scissors and tape. Take red folder and lens off the table. Use scissors on folder, tape on folder, and folder on color blind test on wall. Put lens in correction machine at right, punch in code. Take lens and use on blurry letters on wall. Use code on encyclopedias.


In the Garden - Take watercan, nippers, shovel, and the piece of gum under a boot. Use nippers on chain on door. Take bag of seeds. Use gum on watercan, fill watercan. Use bag of seeds on soil near rock. Use watercan.


Chapter 6

Laundromat - Open the dryer door and get coins. Take triangle from floor and square from shelf. Use coins in vending machine twice to get blue and red bars. Use red bar with triangle in washing machine and put coin in upper slot. Take the red triangle. Do the same with the square and blue bar. Put red triangle and blue square in the machine on the wall.


Basement - Take ducttape from the floor. Fix the spraying pipe with tape. Start the pump right next to it. Take the bottle of wine from the floor revealed and take the corkscrew as well - use corkscrew on bottle of wine. Turn on the tap just above the big crate. Switch on the red light. Open the envelope under the crate. Click on the developing area. Pour wine into the middle box. Dip photo paper in the boxes from left to right. Take clothspin from line and use it on paper, then the line.


Chapter 7

The Private Eye - Take the ball off the floor, magnifier on the table, pickaxe from the right side, and the mouse from the cat basket.Click on the telephone receiver twice to get the magnet. Take a piece of tape off the window. Use the magnet, then the yarn, on the mouse. Then tape the entire thing together and send it off to the mousehole. Use key on filing cabinet, magnifying glass on photo. Use pickaxe on tile on floor.


In the Library - Take crank from under the desk, log form pile of wood, belt from pipe above, punchcard from the shelf, and lighter from table. Put log in the furnace, belt on the gears, punchcard in top slot and crank in right slot. The screen will show two letters. Click on the books on the shelf accordingly and use the longitude and latitude on the map. (Since there were questions about this - you need to find both numbers in the same click - i.e. -number, number N/S.)

Still confused? Read my library coordinates walkthrough.


Chapter 8

The Machine - Click on the aquarium. The buttons mean: Right, Down, Left, Up, Close, Open. Press the green button after you figure out the combination. Use crystal. Open slot on the left and take the crytal. Put it in the right side where the missing crystal is. Click on easel, get code. Click on machine middle of the crystals, enter code.


The Tomb - Pick up part from the floor on the left. Insert into the tomb. Click on the wall to the right of the door, click on the hourglass at the foot of the pharoah. Execute the code from the wall (turn the dial like a combination lock.) Take skull. Take other skull from the floor and use it on the scales.

Chapter 9

Alchemy - Pick up the amulet from the table. Use it to �douse� for a rod in the wall. Pick up the two short rods from the floor and fuse it with the machine on the left. Click on the Blue symbol in the middle of the room. Insert rods.


Balancing Act - Pick up the pebbles on the floor and the idol from the column. Put the idol on the left side of the scale. Put the idol back. Put rocks in the scale until you can just see the full shiny line. Take the rocks and put them on the other column. Click on the combination lock at right and use the code just like a combination lock.


Chapter 10

Birthday Party - Take the stick from right right and hit the pinata. Take the tail from the fireplace and pin it on the donkey. Take the balloon on the floor and use it with the helium. Click on the piece of paper in the fireplace. Now take all the messages and spell abracadabra. Take the darts off the table and shoot the numbers on the dartboard in that sequence.


Clockwork. Pick up the key from the radiator, and two bells from the table as well as a long stick. Use the stick on the smaller bell, then put the small bell in the cuckoo clock and the big bell in the soldier clock. Put a key in the box. Now, in the sequence that the box shows, set the soldier and cuckoo clocks to 12, and the alarm clock to whatever the alarm is set to.


When you�re done all the puzzles you�ll face another one of those circular jigsaws:

Final puzzle - Study - Pick up the 3 potions and the pot. Click on the note on the desk. Mix the extra color that you need in the pot using potions you have, and then use the potion right on the piece of paper. Click.

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