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Our Aveyond: The Lost Orb Walkthrough will be your constant companion as you travel once more into the exciting world of Aveyond. Weddings are stressful enough, but having your future husband stolen and becoming the heir of a mystical orb of death has added more trouble than Mel can take. Now she must fine the evil orb, destroy it, and recover her fiance before she can say “I do.” Our detailed walkthrough is full of the kinds of hints, tips, and customized screenshots you’ll need to set this story straight.

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Introduction |  Beginnings |  Darkthrop Keep  |  Find a Familiar |  Find a Giant Beanstalk Seed
Grow the Giant Beanstalk |  Obtain a Mermaid's Mirror |  Open the Locked Room |  Endings |  Secret Caves


The game begins with a scene...on yet another dark and stormy night. A woman with a baby, Rayina, is pursued by a group of Darklings. The Darklings want to take her baby away so that "the Darkthrop will rule the world" and fulfill the prophecy. Rayvina refuses and quickly changes into a bird (she's a familiar!) and flies off with the baby...

Now we see Thais on the day of Edward and Mel's wedding. The start of the game varies slightly according to which of the girls Edward proposed to in your previous game (Aveyond: Gates of Night). If you're starting a new game, Edward is marrying Mel. Well, that was the plan anyway...

The wedding takes place, vows are exchanged, and Edward and his bride are declared husband and wife. But as Edward kisses his bride, Mel charges into the church (with Stella, if you had Edward propose to her at the end of Gates of Night)! But wait! If Mel is not the bride, then who did Edward marry? It turns out to that Lydia tricked Edward! She pushed Mel into a locked cupboard and married Edward in her place. And somehow (although I really don't understand how!) the vows are legal and Lydia and Edward really are married!

Suddenly a ghostly figure appears and speaks of destiny to Mel. Mel, not really believing what she is seeing and hearing, believes that she must be tired. Again, the game varies a bit here based on what happened in the previous game.

If Edward had originally chosen Mel to marry, all of her belongings are in the castle and she needs to go try to retrieve them. Go north of Thais to find the castle. Upon reaching the castle, the guard tells Mel that she is not allowed inside! At this point, Mel realizes she needs to go see her old landlord, Remraldt, to rent an apartment. His office is located in the southwest area of Thais. You'll need 20g to rent the apartment.

If Edward had not originally chosen Mel, then Mel goes to her own home, Pemberly Keep, to sleep. Mel attempts to enter Pemberly Keep, but it's locked! You need to talk to the landlord, Remraldt, who lives in the southwest of Thais. He tells you that Lydia terminated Mel's rent and stole all her things. You can rent a new place for 20g.

No matter which version of the events you participate in, make sure to check out the city along the way! There are some money bags around town that will make purchasing items much easier! You cannot enter any of the shops, for some reason, they're all closed! The Magic Mirror Express (MME) is out of order.

Once Mel has her apartment (#101) in the middle of the gated area of town, she can go inside. Make sure to open the chests, equip the goods, and take the money bag. As she tries to finally lie down in bed, the doorbell rings. How annoying, doesn't that ALWAYS happen?! Anyway, the mailman is at the door. He says that a friend has left a message for you at the post office. To pick it up, you need to go to the post office. It's located in the shopping district. While you are there, purchase a mailbox.

As you leave the post office, a boy approaches you. It is Matt, one of your classmates. He says that all students are to meet Professor Gray at the Ruins this afternoon. Mel agrees to meet him there.

At this point the game tells you to explore to find more money and equip yourself before heading toward the ruins.

Now all the shops are now open, so go ahead and buy some items for yourself if you'd like. Don't waste your money on the iron dagger at the Armory though--there is one in a chest right outside the Thais city entrance!

Brightwood Forest

Leave the city through the exit on the west side of town, and make your way through Brightwood forest. There are chests and money bags scattered around for you to collect. There's a level egg in one, so make sure to find and use it!

This is a good time to practice attacking monsters and gain some valuable experience and gold. Monsters you'll encounter are brown and red wolves; the red wolves may be a bit more difficult than the brown wolves, but neither should be too much for you to deal with.



To go to the ruins, follow the path through Brightwood Forest as far west as you can go, then cross the bridge on the edge of the map and go north.

Professor Gray is at the ruins and tells the students that he has hidden his journal, and that the person who finds it gets an advantage on the next exam. Mel is determined to find it. Head toward the southwest corner of the Ruins and talk to Peter. He manages to open a hidden path, and everyone rushes through it! Follow them, but stop and check out the boulder, although it moves slightly, Mel doesn't really have any thoughts on what to do with it. Descend both sets of steps and walk a bit west; there appears to be something hidden behind a waterfall. Click on the waterfall, and the game will tell you that if you can stop the water from flowing, you'll be able to find out what is hiding behind the waterfall. Hrmm, any idea how to stop the water? Oh, maybe by pushing a boulder into the stream? Go back to the boulder and push it South 3 times, West 2 or 3 times, South again until you push it off the cliff, and then West until you push it into the water and the waterfall stops.


A cave entrance is revealed. Of course all the students see what you've done and rush into the cave ahead of you! When you get inside, the ghostly figure that Mel saw at the wedding reappears. This time, she says that her name is Nox and she tells Mel that she will one day assume her role as heir of Mordred Darkthrop. She tells Mel that there is an Orb of Death in existence somewhere on Eldrion, and that Mel needs to find and destroy it before another Darkthrop heir does. Then she disappears. Don't you hate when people just disappear on you?! Mel again thinks that she's pretty exhausted, since she's seeing things. Go deeper into the cave...What?! Gracie found the diary before Mel! Mel is definitely feeling that this day has been rotten! Leave the cave. The professor and the students leave, and Mel decides she wants to go find her friend Stella. Go back to Thais and talk to Stella. Before you go, make sure to wander through the Ruins to check for gold and chests. Lots of goodies in this area! Back in Thais, you'll find Stella in the Temple with the priestesses. Stella thinks the whole thing is a trap and refuses to help Mel find the Orb. Some friend! Mel decides to go by herself. Stella also reminds Mel that Edward is still their friend, even though he's married to someone else (she's much more forgiving than me!) and thinks Mel should tell him she is leaving. Mel has no desire to do so!

Head back to Mel's new apartment. On the way there you notice a new flyer on the wall. It's an announcement for a new ferry service to Eldrion that leaves from Chateau Lenore. How very convenient! But first...Mel must sleep!
Go to the apartment, hop into bed, and get some zzz's. In the morning, as you are getting ready to leave, Edward shows up. WHAT? Stella told him that Mel was leaving. Some people! Anyway, Edward wants Mel to stay because he thinks Lydia is up to something. But that's not in Mel's plans now; she asks Edward to have her stolen things sent to her post office box. If you hadn't gotten a post office box earlier, go now to get one, then go to the castle and tell the steward the number.

Go to the post office and get your belongings – nope, Lydia kept most of it. Argh! That woman, first your man, now your stuff... Anyway... do some shopping in town if you need to—the stores are open now! When you're ready, head out to the ferry that now exists south of Chateau Lenore.

Stop at Moo Hatchery along the way to Chateau Lenore; it's to the southeast. Explore each building; talk to Professor Moo, and pick up the recipe for Purple Warp Egg. Now continue on to the ferry...

When you get to the beach with the ferry station, make sure to open the chests. Supposedly there is no sale of weapons or armor on Eldrion, so buy some stuff from Oscar on the beach! Now, pay the captain, and head out. Oh wait, here comes Ulf! He tells you to remember to continue your training at the intelligence agencies around the world. Keep a lookout for places with a tree sign! OK, NOW get on the ferry and go to Eldrion...

When you arrive in Eldrion, you'll head north through Bristle Woods West.

Bristle Woods West


The monsters here are slime snakes and pig warriors. They're quite a bit tougher than the wolves in Brightwood, so try to avoid them for now!



You'll find a level egg in the first chest you see on your way north.

There is also a secret cave in this area that will allow you to raise your party's level up to a max of 99! For more information on the secret caves of Aveyond, see the section on "Aveyond Secret Caves."

You'll pass a Life Crystal along the way. Make sure to equip the serpent amulet so that the snakes can't poison you! If you do get poisoned, you'll need Marsh Tea to recover. Buy it in the items shop near the Peliad city entrance.


Once you enter Peliad, go to the city square. Mel thinks she needs to ask around about the Orb.


You can go to the Post Office and have your mail forwarded from Thais if you want to. Go to the MME building and switch it on; don't forget to do this—it will become very handy soon enough! Make a donation at the goddess statue—it's always good to have luck on your side!

Make sure to go to the Intelligence Agency to learn how to trap animals...it might come in handy later. Explore the city; there are many gold bags and chests full of goodies to be found!

Cross the wooden bridge from the main square. Nox appears again. How annoying! Anyway, this time she tells Mel to go to the tavern. Lucky for you, the tavern is the building on the right to the side of that bridge. The man with the eye patch and white shirt on is Gart. He will offer to take you to someone who _might_ know more about the Orb...all it'll cost you is 100G! Pay the man, and follow him. As you leave, the girl who was practicing magic tricks in the corner of the tavern stops you and asks if she can join you. She is a magician apprentice, and she's desperate to get an apprenticeship so that she can complete her schooling. Mel, however, doesn't care to have her join the party, and tells her so. June poisons Mel to show her what she can do. Luckily, June also provides a marsh tea, the antidote to the poison. June says if you need her help that she will be at the Magician's Guild.

NOTE: Make sure to heal Mel quickly with the Marsh Tea or she will get weaker and die!

Gart will now take you into Peliad Sewer.

Peliad Sewer

Follow Gart until you reach a thief who is blocking your passage. Go into the door and speak to the Thief Lord. While he doesn't know anything about any Orb or about Mordred Darkthrop, he does give Mel free passage to explore the sewers to see if she can find any clues.


Exit the room where the Thief Lord is and go east. Follow the path up the steps to the area with another door. There are two cockroaches, so try to avoid them, as they're pretty nasty and will kill you!

Go into the door and talk to the man in the room. He is an arms trader. And you thought buying weapons and armor was illegal in Eldrion... You are definitely going to need all the equipment that the trader has to purchase before you will be able to kill the sewer monsters (sewer rats and cockroaches—ick!) 



Go back out to Bristle Woods West and do some hunting to earn enough gold to purchase the armor and weapon. Once you buy and equip all of it, you should have no difficulty killing off those cockroaches and sewer rats. At this point, the sewer is a great place to gain lots of experience, levels, and money!

As you explore the sewers, you'll find a locked gate off to the west. Click on it to find out that Mel cannot open it, but wonders if June, that magician's apprentice who actually poisoned her to show what she could do, might be able to. Leave the sewer, go to the Magician's Guild, and talk to June. She is MORE than happy to join your party, since this is her chance at an apprenticeship so that she can become a full-fledged magician! June is now joining your party permanently, so you'll want to go back to the trader in the sewer and equip her as best as possible too.

Before heading back to the sewer, go to the cemetery in Peliad. There is a shovel in the northeast corner. Make sure to grab it; it will be necessary later!

 Once you have equipped June, go to the locked gate. June opens it with no trouble! Inside, you find a diary. There's not much information there, but it is obvious that Darkthrop has been there. There's a pile of dirt in the corner; if you have the shovel, you can dig it up. You find a note and a key. The note says you need to go to Darkthrop Keep outside of Harburg and dig 5 paces north of the tower. Guess you'd better head that direction!

The game now interrupts with a scene—Lydia has broken the evil former vampire Gyendal OUT of prison because she wants him to create a distraction at the upcoming coronation... I sense a more than evil plan in the works...hrmmmm....

Introduction |  Beginnings |  Darkthrop Keep  |  Find a Familiar |  Find a Giant Beanstalk Seed
Grow the Giant Beanstalk |  Obtain a Mermaid's Mirror |  Open the Locked Room |  Endings |  Secret Caves

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