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Ways to get more money

By billybobjoe
Does anyone know anyway to get more money?
By anonymous
Well, when you see those collectables, if you drag to people on the same collectible, you get 2 of them instead of 1
By georgieeeeee
Is their any more ways cos I'm broke!
By mbowdy
Yes. By changing your clock on your computer or device.
By butterfly
Pick couples who make $15/day as they will end up making $690 once they reach level 8 (masters) in their career. When it's raining, snowing, sunny, foggy, keep an eye out for rare collectbles (50 coins each) as there are always at least one appearing at each of these times. Then drop two people one after another, to collect it and voila, you get an easy 100 coins. I've collected hundreds of coins during one rainstorm. Try to buy things only when necessary and always check the flea market, as those items are always 50% off.
By ladidi
If you change your clock and date on your computer, that will give you lots of money, but in my case the stuff in the store stayed the same and never added or updated any items. So I started over and did not change my computer.
By mbeag
Drag as MANY people as you can on top of an item. The most I've gotten is four. You have to be fast and put all the people near the object first. Don't put husband and wife holding baby together. They will stop and complain bc she is nursing a baby. That's the only combo that doesn't work.

Occasionally, though, young kids will start a giggle party. Haha

But yeah, try three people to an item to make triple the amount of money
By mbeag
**If you have to use a husband and a wife holding a baby to pick up the items, then put the husband down first, followed by the wife. That way, she won't complain about how she's nursing.
By virtual familes 2
If your kid gets older then you received money
By ?
If you boost the date on your device it will give you more money however it will change the age of your children and the parents and eventually if you put it to far more and more people will die at the end of the game it will say no one is at the house and you must make another generation so you shouldn't forward the years or days too much or everyone will die and you will end up starting from scatch in the generation not the money and the purchases
By idk what that means!
This is how I got millions!... So this will only work for an apple product. So what you do is you go to settings, general, date and time, then turn off the set automatically, then set daye and time should show up, click on it and move the year to a couple years later! This is great and doesn't do anything to the ipod! Good Luck!!:)
By smart stuff
Do not do date change the updated it so you will only get the amount of money your adoptee earns
By t-bone
It worked for me to change the date...
Everything still changed, so I don't know what's wrong...
By kac_me
Do you know how to gt more coins? Cause my family is starving and sick pls help
By heyitshope
Don't fast forward because it can mess up other games. Though, If you must, you can close v.fam2, open settings, and take off the network time. Then set it back however long you would have put it forward.Then go back into game, it should be the same. Then close v.fam2, go into settings then put back on the networked time thing. Go back to
v.fam2 and it should have fast forwarded.
Hope that helped!
By dawn
if you need more coins quickly, sell your furniture. Take it out to the front gate.
By nancy jones
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By jasmine
I need more money and I've tried everything and nothing's working Can u help me
By cute girl 07
If you put them to work and then prasin them three times then exit the tab and only have date\time open change the date or your time then go back to it you earn a lot of money keep doing that and you will be a millionaire on virtual families 2 try that it really works
By cute girl
Jasmine just try what I wrote before this message "OK"
By cute girl
Sell the stuff you have bought out the front gate......heads up it does not give you the Same amount of money back that you spent it gives you way less then what you payed for it just saying ??
By darkocean
Make sure all are well fed, rested and not sick before doing the time jump cheat. And only jump by an hour! Then take care of the family again if they get sick make them sleep eat and rest until they are better. If they got sick you'll have to tough it out and nurse them back to health, this only happens occasionally.

Now, skip ahead another hour. You can keep them from getting ill by giving family members the fruit in the flea market BEFORE they get sick By buying lots of groceries of mostly fruits and vegetables as that help a little. Skip ahead an hour, take care of them, skip another hour. This works best if mom and dad had been praised lots for working.

Like this? Go read darkocean's Wattpad book: Soul Tear and give feedback, tks.
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