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By mama
How do I get the bones?, the game sais than I need "special training".
By ambermoon
There is a digging certificate that will randomly appear in the flea market that you have to buy to be able to dig for fossils. After you buy it dirt circles will appear in the yard. I think the certificate cost 1500 coins.
By georgieeeee
I haven't had it in the flea market yet I get them every day
By sweetheart
The Rock hound certificate that you can find in the flea market is the special training you need to dig for bones.It cost 1500coins and after you buy it your family is welcome to dig for fossils anytime they want.(:hoped that helped (:
By jen
Also it's a good idea to keep a minimum balance of 1500 until you get the certificate, since it appears randomly in the flea market. It didn't appear for me until the 3rd generation, I grabbed it and had exactly 7 cents to spare, whew! :)
By jessie
It never shows up on my flea market and also my on sale stuff never shows up what do I do?
By jen
There isn't anything to do, just be patient and check frequently. My sister also has this game on her phone and the certificate didn't show up for her until the 9th generation. Nothing can speed it along.
By gamejunkie
I've bought the certificate i wait for the circles to show or just try to dig anywhere ...what's next help please
By jen
Wait until you see one of the dirt circles, drag any family member there, and it will say they have found a new item.
By jen
Then they'll either take the item to the collection or sell it online if you already have that one.
By meh
I got my certificate in the first generation
By lilmissbutterfly
I saw it first or second generation. funny part is, i didn't actually buy it, but the circles started showing up anyway... I've completed the raptor, but can't see all of it. I've gotten most of the pterodactyl, and cant see any of it! so strange...
These are our legacy forums. Please go to the game walkthrough and scroll to the bottom for our new forums.