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Can my guy remarry is he's a widow

By cielynne
I was stupid and messed with my clock and lost the wife and child. Will my guy have a chance to remarry or should I just start the game over?
By lovemee
Just adopt a new kid to have another generation to pass the house to...
By georgieeeee
I'm not sure in virtual families 1 u get another email with another marriage so u can carry on the generation. I'm not sure if that happens on 2
By do you have to know!
I want my 30 year old women Lily to remarry, two of her kids are walking and one is in arms, the father doesn't do ANYTHING apart form watch television, he won't work, cook, look after his kids etc. I am going to try killing him of by locking him in a room (if you put a sofa where the doorway thingy is they are stuck in the room) and not feeding, he weak at the moment and a little bit sick.

I hope your guy gets a new wife.
By :-) mahri (-:
When the man in my family lost his wife, he remarried, but it took a while. So it should be possible. Hope this is helpful.
By snickerdoodles
I think your guy has a chance hope I helped :)
By i have the same prob
Well I have the same problem, But guy never gets emails it's just him and is 7 year old son, since the mom died, I need help on how he can remarry, he's only 35
By vf ain't boring!
I had a woman who lived through 66 years, three husbands (Nik died of weakness, Stargo died of illness and Marcory died of starvation), four dead kids (RIP Fargono, Bresse, Lily, and Limbo) and ten kids in total including the dead ones. Two of these (Fargono and Bresse) were seriously ill three times. She got one more proposal when she was 65 but had just adopted her tenth kid so I decided to let her be.
By gummy bear
My "Logozo" just died and his wife Siberia is 58. He died when he was 57 and I want to know if she can get married again
By kia
I have a 56 year old guy. He lives with his 14 year old son because his wife died and his 3 other kids are in college. Will he remarry?
By remarry dude
It's been eight years since my Guys wife and three children died.... He always depressed and when I try to get him to eat he says no and shakes his head...and be absent gotten another Proposal yet... :( Sigh
By abc
I got a a girl called Trishiana and she married a man called ink they had five children (zago,pixie ,Stella and twins magica and cariana. Then ink died and trishiana got remarried to Typo they had one kid called Tobby. Zago went to college and Stella and pixie then the twins died then trishiana had three more kids with typo pella, ribbons and Angie
By googler
if he all his children died then you still get to pick from all of the children if one of the parents died then it means you can start a new generation
By 25 generations!
My wife was just 35 and died of depression. My guy is left widowed without any children. What should I do as I cannot start a new generation?
By animegurl
If you save up your money ($4,000) you should be able to adopt a kid to start a new generation. This happened to me and I bought a new kid to continue the line. Also, if you wait long enough the man will die, the family line will be disconnected, and you will be given the option to adopt someone new.
By october 27 2018
I really want my guy to get remarried his 14 year old child just died and so did the child's mother I've had my family disconnected 5 times in the house i have to bed rooms a bathroom a kitchen a back Dec
And 5,000 dollars world of cheap deco
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