The Deceptive Daggers: Solitaire Murder Mystery

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James F. Westcott, a movie producer is found dead in his bed with a single stab wound and pair of antique daggers has gone missing from the house! Work along with the crack team headed by Detective Carrie Tucker to investigate this case. Identify the suspects, uncover clues, carry out interrogations and discuss the case with the team to reveal what really happened. Play fun solitaire puzzles, complete challenging mahjong boards and find challenging hidden objects to solve the crime and nab the culprit!

  • A solitaire game and murder mystery to solve
  • Play Hidden Object mini games in different modes
  • Reveal clues and questioning suspects
  • Make chain combos and clear cards
  • More than 100 levels with unique layouts

Genre: Card
ESRB: Everyone
Free Trial: Yes
Current Download Rank: #4052

The Deceptive Daggers: Solitaire Murder Mystery Screenshots