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Dive deep beneath the waves in this thrillingly addictive action-puzzler. As the head of a team of explorers, it's your job to unlock the secrets of this long-lost city. Travel through 81 levels of exciting fun, if you succeed, fame and fortune will be your reward. Fail and you'll be lost to the secrets of Atlantis. So, get your family "team" assembled and set sail for the mystery of a lifetime.

  • Unlimited play.
  • 81 exciting levels.
  • Personalized player profiles.
  • Save features let you pick up where you left off.

Genre: Action
SubGenre: Marble Popper
ESRB: Everyone
Free Trial: Yes
Current Download Rank: #419

Atlantis Screenshots

Atlantis Screenshot http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_atlantis/screen1.jpg

Atlantis Screenshot http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_atlantis/screen2.jpg