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Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Walkthrough

Our Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Walkthrough will help you guide Dracula as he runs away from his human online love interest. The princess will stop at nothing in her pursuit of love. Use our helpful tips and illustrated screen caps to help Dracula and the zombie squad collect the necessary resources and complete their tasks in time to evade the love-struck human. Use your time wisely or the sound of unwanted wedding bells will seal your fate!


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by on 12-01-2015     

Our Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Walkthrough is ready to assist you on your journey of love with Dracula and his love-struck human.

Look to our colorful screenshots and helpful hints and tips to guide you through this fun and addictive time and resource management game.

Online love takes a humorous turn as our favorite Count, Dracula is looking for his beloved via social media. The respondent turns out to be a lovelorn human who will chase him relentlessly in hopes of creating true love.

Help the Count and his zombie crew to collect resources, build structures, and create potions as he runs from the love he seeks. Wondering who will win in this battle of the heart…play and find out!

We hope you enjoy our Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Walkthrough!


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