Northern Tale 4 Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Northern Tale 4 Walkthrough is a comprehensive guide filled with helpful tips and solutions for some of the most challenging levels you'll encounter in this intense time management game as you help Ragnar defend is kingdom from an army of black knights, evil witches, and giants!
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Northern Tale 4: Level 22

Author: Date: Sep-25-2014

Northern Tale 4: Level 22 Walkthrough

Northern Tale 4 Walkthrough: Northern Tale 4 Walkthrough Level 22

Get rid of 3 Vultures
Break 2 Evil Stones

  • Collect items around camp
  • Upgrade camp
  • Send Vikings in either direction to collect resources
  • Repair Farm
  • Send one Viking across the top to collect items on cliff
  • Repair Workshop
  • Repair Bridge
  • Repair Mechanic’s house
  • Destroy Enemy Banner on lower level
  • Collect resources across the bridge
  • Repair Druid’s tent
  • Eliminate Vulture on lower left (1)
  • Destroy Barricade
  • Eliminate Vulture on right (2)
  • Collect gold nugget
  • Repair Gold Mine
  • Collect Gold
  • Repair Bridge
  • Eliminate middle Vulture (3)
  • Collect Gold
  • Collect Gold Nugget
  • Destroy Enemy Banner in front of upper Evil Stone
  • Destroy upper Evil Stone (1)
  • Collect Gold
  • Destroy Catapult
  • Repair road in front of lower Evil Stone
  • Destroy lower Evil Stone (2)
Walkthrough Table of Contents
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