Nancy Drew: The Trail of the Twister Walkthrough & Cheats

Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Walkthrough guides you through this adventure game of menacing storms with detailed instructions and screenshots. Choose your playing level of Junior or Senior Detective and discover who may be sabotaging your team of storm chasers. Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister is a fun mystery game for all ages.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Chapter 4: Day 4

Author: Date: May-21-2012

  • Talk to Debbie. She wants you to:

    • Talk to Chase

    • Fix the antennas

  • Go to the barn and talk to Chase. Help Chase assemble the car’s transmission.


  • The object of the puzzle is to place the gears in their proper locations.

  • Begin at the bottom of each post and work outward.

  • Be careful because two posts begin on the right and one on the left.

  • Once a gear is in place, you can slide another gear past it.

  • See the screenshot for the solution.

  • After the transmission is repaired, hit the ignition button to check your work.


  • Then, Chase will ask you to give Scott an estimate.

  • Receive the ESTIMATE.

  • Go to Scott’s Office. Talk to him.

  • Give him the INVOICE.

  • You'll hear a scream. Scott will ask you to check on Frosty.

  • Go to the cellar. Talk to Frosty. Frosty screamed because of mice.

  • He wants you to catch them.


  • Zoom into the area underneath the sink, which is next to the laptop.

  • Find a piece of paper that reads, “Storm Weather Symbols.”

  • Zoom into the area to the right of the laptop to see where to place the mousetrap.

  • Place the mousetrap next to the dried corn and use cheese snacks as bait.


  • Replay the mouse puzzle that requires every square of the trap be filled.

  • Receive the MOUSETRAP.

  • Drive back to the Springhouse and release the mice.

  • Return to the Farmhouse.

  • Return to the Cellar.

  • Talk to Frosty.


  • Return to the Living Room.

  • Examine the camera that is on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

  • Look at the letter in the book on the coffee table.


  • Talk to Debbie.

  • Debbie has mice near the filing cabinet.

  • Zoom into the filing cabinet to find a pile of dried corn.

  • Place the mousetrap next to the pile.

  • Use cheese snacks as bait to attract mice.

  • Replay the mouse puzzle that requires every square of the trap be filled.

  • Once filled, receive the MOUSETRAP.

  • Drive back to the Springhouse and release the mice.

  • Return to the farmhouse.


  • Get in the car.

  • Program the GPS to see the antenna location.

  • Drive to the antennas.

  • Once there, rebuild the antennas by picking up the bits on the ground and placing them back in their proper locations.

  • Right-click to rotate pieces.

  • See screenshot for solution.

  • When the antennas are repaired, you’ll find a small key under one.

  • Receive the KEY.

  • A twister appears.

  • Return to the car and travel away from it to the north and east until it disappears.

  • Return to the Farmhouse. Note: GPS is inoperable during this storm.

  • Talk to Debbie.

  • Talk to Chase.

  • Return to the Farmhouse and go upstairs.

  • Day 4 is complete.

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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