Build-a-Lot: Mysteries Walkthrough & Cheats

Trust our Build-A-Lot Mysteries Walkthrough as you take on your next challenge in the Build-A-Lot series. This time, things are getting a little creepy as you are hired by Elizabeth Graves to help out her somewhat eccentric family. But have no fear, we've got everything you'll need to satisfy even the most picky family member including lots of helpful tips and advice as well as the best video solutions around of each and every level for all the campaigns you'll face including the expert campaigns so you'll have no trouble achieving those hard-to-reach expert times!
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Quick Play Levels 11 - 20

Author: Date: Jul-17-2013

Please note that this page for our Build-A-Lot Mysteries Walkthrough may take a few moments to load as we've included videos for each level.

Quick Play Level 11


Quick Play Level 12


Quick Play Level 13


Quick Play Level 14


Quick Play Level 15


Quick Play Level 16


Quick Play Level 17


Quick Play Level 18


Quick Play Level 19


Quick Play Level 20

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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