Awakening: The Skyward Castle Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Awakening: The Skyward Castle Walkthrough takes you through this charming final installment of the quest of young Princess Sophia, who has awakened from a magical century-long slumber into a land threatened by an ancient evil. Join Sophia as she braves untold dangers to find her exiled kingdom and save her people. Use this Skyward Castle walkthrough whenever you need a helping hand or as a constant companion through your journey.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Landsong Village

Author: Date: Sep-05-2012


  • You arrive near a road. The unicorn you were riding has sprained his wing.

  • The first goal is to Give the Unicorn First Aid.

  • On the left side of your screen is a SUNSKY FLOWER and BANDAGES.

  • Click on both to add them to your inventory.

  • Click on the woodpile to zoom in.

  • Click to take the POCKET DRAGON.

  • Use the POCKET DRAGON on the woodpile to start a fire.

  • Click on the unicorn to start a hidden object scene.


  • Locate all the items in the hidden object scene.

  • Objects in yellow require an extra step or two to solve.

  • The items in green in the screenshot above are the items that make up the first aid kit.

  • The items in yellow are all the gemstones needed to make the glowing sceptor.

  • Once you find the first aid kit and remove it from the scene, the worm will be underneath it.

  • After you find all the objects, you will receive the UNICORN SPLINT.


  • Use the UNICORN SPLINT on the Unicorn.

  • Click to go forward to Ancient Goldleaf.


  • Use the SUNSKY FLOWER on the little girl who is turned to stone.

  • Click to talk to her. The magic barrier will be lifted from the villager.


  • Click on the GOLDLEAF BRANCH to take it.

  • Click to zoom in on the root cache under the tree.


  • Click to move forward to the Bridged Crossings.


  • Click to zoom in on the vines.

  • Use the POCKET DRAGON on the vines to burn them away.

  • Click to take the CORKSCREW.

  • Click on the message in the bottle to read it.

  • Click on the golden slate on the right to zoom in.

  • Use the JEWELED EMBLEMS on the golden slate to start a mini-game.


  • This mini-game is random so your solution may vary.

  • Basically just look at the hint on the right to see the order the emblems need to be in and work at getting them in that order clockwise.

  • Once you have done that, just move them to the correct position.

  • Move blue to the bottom right.

  • Move brown to the center.

  • Now move them all clockwise until you have the green one on top.

  • Then move brown down.

  • Go left to the Faireground Entrance.


  • Click on the ground in front of you and take the LEATHER GLOVES.

  • Click on the stone pillar and then click to remove the poster.


  • Click on the drainpipe to zoom in.

  • Use the GOLDLEAF BRANCH on the pipe.

  • Click to take the KEYRING.

  • Click to go back one screen and the go up the stairs on the right.


  • Click on the left reflector to zoom in.

  • Click to take the EMPTY OIL CAN.

  • Click on the gate on the left to zoom in.

  • Use the PORTCULLIS FITTINGS on the gate to start a mini-game.


  • The puzzle is random, so your solution may vary.

  • The goal is to swap the pieces of the puzzle in order to complete the owl.

  • My solution was 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 5, 1, 4, 1.

  • Once you've completed the puzzle, move forward to the wingferry.


  • Click to talk to the little girl.

  • Click to zoom into her grandfather.

  • Take the 2 QUILT PATCHES on his sides.

  • Click on the Entrance to the Enginarium to begin a hidden object scene.


  • Find the switches in the scene.

  • You can find 8 of them without any extra steps.

  • Use the key on the wall in the keyhole in the pillar.

  • Click the opening and then click to press the button.

  • This will reveal switch number 9.

  • Click on the crowbar and use it to remove the plank on the pillar on the right.

  • This will reveal switch number 10.

  • Click on the plank and place it on the broken ladder on the left.

  • Click on the chest on the ground to reveal the hammer and nails.

  • Use the hammer and nails on the plank.

  • Take switch number 11.

  • The hammer will drop.

  • Take the hammer and use it on the crumbled wall to reveal the final switch.

  • You will receive the CROWBAR and the doors will open.


  • Click on the oil drum on the left to zoom in.

  • Use the CORKSCREW on the cork bung to remove the cork.

  • Use the EMPTY OIL CAN on oil drum.

  • Click on the hand pump to pump the oil.

  • You will receive the FILLED OIL CAN.

  • Take the SHOVEL on the right.

  • Click on the footlocker on the right to zoom in.

  • Click on the loose panel to reveal the keyhole.

  • Use the KEYRING on the footlocker to open it.

  • This will start a hidden object scene.


  • Here you have to find 12 pairs of items that work together.

  • Click on the cloth to reveal the lantern.

  • Click on the pairs of objects that go together.

  • 1. Needle and thread and the thimble.

  • 2. The saw and the planks.

  • 3. The flower pot and the flower.

  • 4. The bolts and the wrench.

  • 5. The goggles and the helmet.

  • 6. The screwdriver and the screws.


  • 7. The hammer and the chisel.

  • 8. The paintbrush and the paint.

  • 9. The matches and the lantern.

  • 10. The gear and the chain.

  • 11. The arrows and the crossbow.

  • 12. The two rulers (can't remember what the exact name for these are... t ruler and a right triangle I think... but then I was never any good at geometry.)

  • When you are done, you will find an old repair manual but the page is torn out.

  • Return to Ancient Goldleaf. You can clip on your map to fast travel.


  • Click to zoom in on the root cache under the tree.

  • Use the SHOVEL on the dirt to reveal the thorny brambles.

  • Use the LEATHER GLOVES on the thorny brambles to reveal the metal grate.

  • Use the CROWBAR on the metal grate to reveal the roots.

  • Use the POCKET DRAGON to burn away the roots.

  • Use the CORKSCREW to remove the stopper.

  • Take the MACHINE PARTS and the QUILT PATCH on the back of the stopper.

  • Click on the torn paper to start a mini-game.


  • The goal is to put the schematics page back together.

  • Drag the pieces into the correct spot and then click to rotate them.

  • The piece will snap into place when they are in the correct position.

  • See the screenshot above for the solution.

  • You will receive the SCHEMATICS PAGE.

  • Use your map and return to the Wingferry.


  • Click on the rusty chains on the right to zoom in.

  • Use the FILLED OIL CAN on the chains to loosen them up.

  • Take the CHAINS.

  • Go forward one screen.


  • Click on the footlock to zoom in.

  • Use the SCHEMATICS PAGE on the repair manual.

  • You will receive the REPAIR MANUAL.

  • Click on the lower control panel to zoom in.

  • Click on the damaged panel to remove it.

  • Use the REPAIR MANUAL and the MACHINE PARTS on the lower control panel.

  • This will start a mini-game.


  • You will need to look at the pages in the control panel to fix the machine.

  • 1. First, scroll to the right and place the two buttons on the right side of the machine.

  • Press the bottom button so the two squares are on the top and bottom of the circle to the left of the buttons.

  • The press the top button so that the colors match the book with blue at the top and red at the bottom. (you'll get a black x over the page when you've done it correctly.)

  • 2. Next place the gray and blue circle in the slot.

  • 3. Next, place the brown and gold item on the panel to cover the wires on the right.

  • 4. Then slide the lever to the right by dragging it.

  • 5. Next, place the panel with the x shapes on it into the revealed opening.


  • 6. Place the blue crystals into the panel on the left.

  • 7. Rotate the top right golden circle so the empty area is facing down. Place the blue circle with the stars in the top right slot.

  • 8. Click on the third slot on the left and drag in down to remove it. Place the button in the opening.

  • 9. Place the alien looking thing with the red gem in the cup at the top left.

  • 10. Pull the cord on the left.

  • 11. Put the blue crystal at the top.


  • 12. Click on the middle button of the sun moon face to make the plate above move. Click until the face is upright.

  • 13. Click on the orange button on the right until it matches the image in the repair manual so that there is an empty slot facing down.

  • 14. Click on the button on the right of the moon so that the slot is also facing down.

  • 15. Place that face looking thing in the empty slot... yes that's the official term I'm using.

  • 16. Click to drag the middle front panel over. Place the striped panel in the opening.

  • 17. Place the final piece in the slot on the right... wow that was a long puzzle.


  • Ready for another one? Click on the fuse panel to start it.

  • This one is pretty easy. Simply fill up all the tiles in the box.

  • There are three levels. See the screenshots below for the solutions.


  • Once you've completed the puzzles, the panel will be fixed.

  • Click on the lever on the left to pull it.

  • Go back outside by clicking down.

  • See the island crash.

  • Use your map to fast travel to the Faireground entrance.


  • Click on the winch to zoom in.

  • Take the QUILT PATCH.

  • While zoomed in, use the CHAIN on the hook to attach the chains.

  • Take note that the winch lever is jammed.

  • Click on the safety locks on the winch to start a mini game.


  • The goal of the mini game is to move the red block that's on the left over to the red square on the right. You need to drag the blocks to clear the way for the red block.

  • See the two screenshots above for the steps I took to solve it.

  • Once you complete the mini game, the lever won't be jammed anymore. Click on the lever to remove the pile of junk in your way. I promise it won't come crashing down on your head.


  • Click on the LEVER on the ground to take it.

  • Move forward.


  • Click on the Bamboo Scaffolding to start a hidden object scene.


  • Find all the items in the hidden object scene.

  • Click on the rope that's hanging twice to raise a platform with a weight on it.

  • Place the three weights in the scene on the box.

  • Take the birdseed from the box and use it on the birdhouse to get the last bird.

  • Then click on the tool box, which has the remaining hidden objects.

  • There are three levels to search. You can access each of them by clicking on the buttons on the left.

  • Once you have found all the items, you will receive the CLIPPERS.


  • Now, use the CLIPPERS you just received on the bamboo scaffolding.

  • You will receive the BAMBOO POLE.

  • Now, go into the Weaver's Hut.


  • Click on the Pocket Dragon and use him on the candle on the right to light it.

  • Take the CANDLE.

  • Click on the Rattan Basket to zoom in.

  • Use the CLIPPERS on the basket to open it.

  • This will start a mini game.


  • The goal of the mini-game is to locate the two strands that are connected.

  • You will receive the RATTAN STICKS.

  • Once the game is complete, the top of the basket will be off.

  • Take the RAGS and the DUSTPAN AND BROOM.

  • Go back outside and then go forward to the Huge Statue.


  • See the QUILT PATCH in the statue's nose? Take it.

  • Now, use the CLIPPERS in your inventory and cut the rope on the right.

  • Go back two screens.


  • Click on the squabbit den to zoom in.

  • The den is a mess. Use the DUSTPAN AND BROOM to clean it up.

  • This will start a hidden object scene.


  • You will need to find 12 carrots.

  • Find 7 carrots without extra steps.

  • Use the flyswatter on the fly that's buzzing around when it lands.

  • Use the dead fly on the web in the corner.

  • Take the carrot the spider leaves.

  • Use the hammer on the piggy bank.

  • Use the soft brush on the crystal and the dirt mound.

  • Use the stick on the mousetrap.

  • Use the chisel on the soft brick.


  • Once you complete the hidden object scene, you will receive the BUNCH OF CARROTS.

  • Use the BUNCH OF CARROTS on the squabbit.

  • You will receive the SQUABBIT.

  • Move forward one screen.


  • Click on the little boy to zoom in.

  • Use the SQUABBIT on the boy and the spell will be broken.

  • Click on the boy to talk to him.

  • You will receive the QUILT PATCH.

  • Now, enter the Weaver's Hut.


  • Click to zoom in on the magic quilt.

  • Use the QUILT PATCH 6/6 on the magic quilt.

  • This will begin a mini-game.


  • Click on the squares so that the number of squares turned over match the numbers on the side.

  • The end shape forms a heart.

  • See the screenshot for the solution.

  • Click on the POCKET WATCH to take it.

  • Use your map to fast travel to the Wingferry.


  • Click to zoom in on grandpapa.

  • Use the POCKET WATCH on him to turn him back to normal.

  • Talk to grandpapa.

  • You will receive the SCREWDRIVER.

  • Use the map to fast travel to the Faire of Stars.

  • Walk toward the Huge Statue.


  • Click on the plaque on the left to zoom in.

  • Use the SCREWDRIVER on the screws to remove the plaque.

  • You will receive the LANTERN DIAGRAM.

  • Use the RAGS on the cobwebs to clean it out.

  • You will then receive the STICKY RAG ON A STICK. Yum.

  • Click on the mechanism to start a mini-game.


  • Click on the plugs to drag them and move them to the right position.

  • Once you pick one up, you'll see the symbol below it.

  • See the screenshot for the solution.

  • This will then activate the statue.

  • Move down two screens.


  • Click on the window to zoom in.

  • Use the STICKY RAG ON A STICK on the paper to get it.

  • You will receive the CRAFT PAPER.

  • Go forward one screen.


  • Click on the children's worktable to zoom in.

  • Use the LANTERN DIAGRAM, the RATTAN STICKS, and the CRAFT PAPER on the take.

  • Click on an item on the table to start a mini-game.


  • Click on the paper and drag them to the right spot to create the lantern.

  • Look for the lines on the paper as a guide.

  • You can left-click to rotate the pieces.

  • See the screenshot for the solution.


  • Use the CLIPPERS on the lantern.

  • This will start a hidden object scene.


  • You will be given a description of the item you need to find.

  • Click on the item on the lantern and the clippers will cut out the shape.


  • Use the CANDLE on the lantern.

  • You will receive the SKY LANTERN.

  • Walk forward toward the statue.


  • Use the Star Lantern on the statue's forehead where there's a hole.

  • The statue's mouth will open and reveal the SKY CRYSTALS.

  • Take them from his mouth.

  • Click on your map and fast travel to the Crystal Generator.


  • Click to zoom in on the Left Reflector.

  • Use a SKY CRYSTAL on the crystal receptacle.

  • Use the FILLED OIL CAN on the 3 winches.

  • Use the BAMBOO POLE on the main winch. This will push the pumice out.

  • Click to take the PUMICE.

  • Use the ROPE on the winches to secure them.

  • Zoom back out.


  • Click to zoom in on the Right reflector.

  • Use the other SKY CRYSTAL in the receptacle.

  • Use the PUMICE on the reflector and drag it back and forth.

  • A hidden object scene will appear.


  • Find all the objects in the scene.

  • Click on the Crystal Controls to start a puzzle.


  • You will need to press the buttons in order to move the beam and recreate the pattern on the left.

  • Click on the buttons in numerical order as shown on the screenshot above.

  • Once you are done, go forward two screens to the Enginarium.


  • Click on the Upper Control Panel.

  • Use the LEVER on the control panel.

  • Click to pull the lever and the Wingferry will launch.

  • This is the end of Awakening The Skyward Castle Walkthrough for Chapter 1.

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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