Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three Walkthrough is live and ready to step you through this amazing conclusion to the Adelantado series. Rely on our detailed maps displaying the locations of all the secrets for each and every board, as well as our step-by-step instructions on how to achieve expert times throughout the game to ensure the safety of Milintika and the ultimate defeat of Don Diego's rival, Pablo Rodriguez.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Part Two Chapter 1: The Smell of Sulfur

Author: Date: Jan-14-2014

Only 18 secrets

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three Walkthrough: Part Two Chapter 1 The Smell of Sulfur

  1. Repair well
  2. Clear bushes to build
  3. Build garden
  4. Repair forester's hut
  5. Repair sawmill.
  6. Upgrade garden.
  7. Build farm
  8. Build bakery,
  9. Build granite mine
  10. Build stonecutter.
  11. Build workers house
  12. Build and upgrade sawmill.
  13. Repair stone totem pole
  14. Collect food in nest
  15. Build silver mine
  16. Build mint.
  17. Build watch tower.
  18. Upgrade granite mine.
  19. Build workers house
  20. Repair waterworks
  21. Extinguish fire on farm and repair
  22. Build 2 bakeries
  23. Scroll below waterworks
  24. Build workers house.
  25. Upgrade watch tower.
  26. Build a forester's hut.
  27. Build watchtower
  28. Collect silver in barrels above
  29. Upgrade watch tower.
  30. Repair stone totem
  31. Build quarry
  32. Build stonecutter.
  33. Release survivor
  34. Build workers house.
  35. Build cobbler
  36. Build healers hut
  37. Build workshop
  38. Build workers house.
  39. Build and upgrade sawmill
  40. Talk to the spirit speaker
  41. Activate altar of productivity,
  42. Cross the ravine

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three Walkthrough: Part Two Chapter 1 The Smell of Sulfur

  1. Repair stone totem
  2. Build waterworks
  3. Build workers house
  4. Repair silver mine
  5. Trash heap by mine
  6. Build mint
  7. Warehouse page in bushes
  8. Build farm
  9. Build bakery
  10. Build watchtower
  11. Upgrade watch tower
  12. Return to main area
  13. Build workers house
  14. Build warehouse
  15. Build and upgrade sawmill in main base.
  16. Return through ravine and build workers house on the cliff.
  17. Remove boulder
  18. Build and upgrade watch tower
  19. Pick up page in bush
  20. Repair stone totem
  21. Remove stone
  22. Fill the crack.
  23. Activate altar of time.
  24. Build and upgrade watchtower
  25. Strange crack
  26. Clear Indian hut remains
  27. Build quarry
  28. Build stone cutter
  29. Upgrade house
  30. Repair stone totem pole
  31. Give 50 bricks to altar of offerings.
  32. Enter the gate.
  33. Get the emerald key
  34. Fill the jar.
  35. Give 50 wood to altar of earth.
  36. Pick up scroll
  37. Get oratory stone.
  38. Press lever and use the gate to return.
  39. Return and talk to the spirit speaker.
  40. Water the tree
  41. Collect speed stone
  42. Restore efficiency in farms
  43. Build 2 gardens
  44. Give 100 food to altar of mist.
  45. Get speed stone from tree just to the right
  46. Page below quarry
  47. Demolish quarry
  48. Get buried gold by survivor's pen
  49. Build and upgrade watch tower.
  50. Build and upgrade watch tower.
  51. Secret to read lever combination in sand pile left of shaman.
  52. Talk to the shaman.
  53. Build a workers house after clearing a little
  54. Restore efficiency of food buildings.
  55. Build bridges
  56. Repair stone totem.
  57. Remove stone and save survivor
  58. Pick up gold behind sandpile
  59. Press lever
  60. Enter the cave.

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three Walkthrough: Part Two Chapter 1 The Smell of Sulfur

  1. Turn levers to all horizontal
  2. Press 2 levers
  3. Turns levers to all vertical
  4. Get oratory stone.
  5. Give 100 food at the altar of earth.
  6. Collect strength stone.
  7. Remove hard sand buildup.
  8. Open the chest.
  9. Secret in small sandpile
  10. Get oratory stone
  11. Enter 2nd cave area
  12. Pay 200 bricks at the altar of water.
  13. Secret gold
  14. Collect blue sphere
  15. Collect oratory stone.
  16. Activate magic altar.
  17. Get the manuscript.
  18. Exit the cave and return to the shaman.
  19. Give 200 wood at the altar of mist.
  20. Build workers house
  21. Repair stone totem pole.
  22. Three secrets to left
  23. Collect strength stone in pot to left
  24. Give 100 wood to the altar of earth.
  25. Get oratory stone.
  26. Build bridge.
  27. Give 150 bricks at the altar of mist.
  28. Press lever and use red gate
  29. Give 80 food the altar of earth.
  30. Get strength stone.
  31. Save the survivor.
  32. Buried gold below keeper
  33. Build house of balloons.
  34. Give 190 gold to transporter,
  35. Talk to the keeper of faith for reward.
  36. Collect golden artifact
Walkthrough Table of Contents
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