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Push The Box Review

Push the Box is a cute download from Big Fish Games. While the idea of pushing objects on a graph in order to create a path of escape is not new, the makers of Push the Box have added their own splash of creativity. They also have created a deceptively simple and easy-looking game.

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by on 03-30-2013     

When you begin to play Push the Box, you are given a storyline full of intrigue and horror.

Well, not really, but it is horrible if you are a little pig from Mother Goose.


These little pigs seem to be living in Grimm's fairy tales. You play the intrepid cousin who comes to visit and must rescue the three little pigs from the evil wolf.

The three little pigs are trapped in cages in the dungeon of Wolf Castle, and you must move tons of storage boxes out of the way in order to both free your cousins and access the one and only escape door. If you accidentally block the exit, the wolf will eat you. Ham and eggs for breakfast for Mr. Wolf.


The happy, bouncy music is just enough to keep you going and laughing without getting extremely annoying, so I suggest playing with the sound on. I also think the minimal sound effects are amusing. The voice of the pig as he -- or, you -- tries to figure out how to rescue his friends and escape sounds like a confused gruntle and, therefore, is a little too appropriate.

When I first started to play Push the Box, I thought it would be easy to the point of boring. I was wrong, and am rather embarrassed to admit that I got stuck on Level 8 out of about 30 levels. The little confused gruntle could have been coming from me.


The game gets much more fun and interesting after the initial 12 levels. At that point, traps and additional objects, such as ice cubes, are introduced giving the player additional challenges to overcome.

Spikes are one of my favorites traps in this game because of the element of surprise.


You may, nay, you must, if you wish to escape, walk over the areas with spikes, but be aware of the timing of your moves. The spikes rise and fall. They will impale and kill you if you are standing over them when they rise.

Boxes may be pushed onto spikes, as may ice cubes, but be careful when pushing ice cubes! Ice cubes are slippery and they slide. You can end up trapping yourself by pushing an ice cube too far.


If you are new to this type of game, my advice to you is:

  • Make a mental note where the exit is when you begin each new level.
  • Remember that you may not push two boxes, two ice cubes, or two of any other object you may find at the same time.
  • Push boxes and objects out of the way and off to the side when you are able.
  • Visualize how you will free your cousins and escape the dungeon while you are waiting for spikes and other traps to clear from your path.
  • Expect things to get more difficult as you ascend to each new level.

Again, the basic concept behind Push the Box is not new, but it is popular because it is challenging and fun. With the amusing sounds, cute graphics and fun storyline, it is a nice way to take a break.

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