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Lunch Rush HD Review

Lunch Rush follows the adventures of Snowy the Bear, who decides a little hastily to open his own restaurant in order to win the annual restaurant contest. Help him get his eatery in tip-top shape by serving customers, taking orders, collecting money, and cleaning tables in this classic serving style time management game.

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by on 04-28-2013     

Hey, I'm a fun-loving person. If somebody asks me if I want to play a computer game, the guaranteed answer is, "Yes!" So of course, I agreed to play this game and write up a review. That was before I realized the name of the game is "Lunch Rush."


You see, I am a former waitress. The very words "lunch rush" strike terror in my heart. As I sat at the computer waiting for Lunch Rush to download, I couldn't breathe without effort. My feet swelled up as if I had been on them all day. I was sweating in places only waitresses sweat. My nightmares were returning, and it was only mid-day.

I am, however, a true professional. As the game downloaded, I dusted off my sensible shoes, strapped on my apron, and prepared to play Lunch Rush.


The game begins innocently enough. You play the cute bear in the comic strip who decides to enter a contest and open his own eatery. He thinks this will be a fun adventure.

There are 60 levels of game play, so if you find the earlier ones boring keep playing, it gets increasingly difficult. The player learns in the early tutorials to multi-task; you get bonus points for doing things for two tables at once. For example, take orders on tables 1 and 2, and then give them to the cook. This gets you more points than taking the order on table 1, giving it to the cook, then taking the order on table 2 and giving it to the cook.

The need to multi-task on the dining room floor is realistic; however, the game prevents you from giving table 1's food to table 2. In reality, a waitress is responsible for getting the order delivered correctly. The game would be much more interesting if the player were able to make more mistakes. In keeping with reality, you only have two hands and cannot serve three tables at once.

Dining Room

Those green dots under each set of customers indicate how happy they are. As the game progresses, you will have a long line of customers waiting for tables. The only way to keep them happy is to give fast and efficient service to those already seated, so you can "turn the table." That is industry jargon for getting rid of the first people at a table so you can seat the next people. (This is also why you may feel rushed in a restaurant.)

The graphics are simplistic, but I did enjoy the developer's sense of humor. When you are quick and efficient, the customers cheer. This alone is worth keeping the sound on. As they start to get irritated, they give you dirty looks. If you continue to ignore them, they stamp their feet or tap on the table. I was curious to see just how bad it could get, so I stopped doing anything. I had a table of four lunchers leave without paying.

Unfortunately, the game is sexist. In the beginning all of the customers are women. As the game progresses in difficulty, you get to serve men. You are warned that they are not as patient as the ladies. Because we all know women have to be nice, right?


Was that truly necessary?

As you progress through the game, you get to improve your restaurant. You shine the floors, get new wallpaper, add tables and purchase more kitchen equipment, such as a coffee maker to make your life more difficult, because now you get to bring everyone coffee.

I think my favorite part of this game is that cat that comes in when you are busy.


If you pet the cat, she meows. Cats are great therapy.