Echoes of the Past: The Revenge of the Witch Walkthrough

by Tracy Jerry on 08-29-2012
Overall Rating: 0/5

Echoes of the Past: Revenge of the Witch Walkthrough is your perfect companion as you set out to save the Kingdom of Orion from the evil witch once again. This time she has cast her dark magic on the land and only the power from the magician's staff can stop her. Now you must race against the clock and reassemble the staff before it's too late!

Well it's gloomy, wet, and rainy outside. But I guess I can't complain since Hurricane Isaac skipped my part of Florida, and we're just getting to feel the sweat drops as he cruises by on his way to Louisiana and the Panhandle.

We've had only minor flooding in the backyard and I have an excuse to snuggle up with my laptop and play a few games so life isn't too shabby right now. I'd much rather be doing this than boarding up the house, that's for sure.

Anyhow, one of the games that has been on my list of "games I must play" is Echoes of the Past: Revenge of the Witch, and, lucky for me, the walkthrough for the game just went live!

Now I won't have to worry if I run across an area of the game where I don't know what to do... there's nothing worse than endless meandering about, checking each scene in a frustrated attempt to find what I missed. Sometimes, there's just not enough hints to help me if you know what I mean...

What's in our Echoes of the Past: Revenge of the Witch Walkthrough? Well you'll find just about everything you'll need to beat the game, including tons of screenshots that have been all marked up to show you where all the important items are... Just in case no amount of will power can make that match appear in a hidden object scene.

We've also included a nice step-by-step set of instructions that's very easy to understand and does a great job of walking you through the game from the first screen to the last.

So whether you need a little hand holding as you play, (hey that witch can be scary), or you just want to refer back to the walkthrough when you're stuck, our Echoes of the Past: Revenge of the Witch Walkthrough is here to help you save the day!

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