Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Walkthrough

by Amy Detwiler on 08-01-2012
Overall Rating: 0/5

Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Walkthrough is a walkthrough in every sense of the word. Stroll the corridors of this gothic hotel searching for the clues to save your twin brother from obliteration by a very malevolent and (supposed) long-lost relative. CGG’s step-by-step instructions and precisely detailed screenshots are your “key card” to unlock the mysteries contained within the horror-filled halls.

Don’t you hate it when the idea in your head is always better than the movie/book/game (fill in the blank) that you are actually experiencing? If you are like me, you absorb the premise of whatever activity you are involved in and then your brain races ahead crafting a really exciting climax to the setup. That sort of happened with me and Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward.

In the game, you are summoned to a Spanish moss-draped hotel deep in the bayou to save your missing brother. You break into this creepy, boarded-up plantation style building and begin to search for clues through mini-games and hidden object areas. The game developers do a great job of capturing mood with sepia-toned visuals and a scratchy "movie reel type" introductory video. And, I guess, this is where my "better than the real thing" thoughts took wing.

Whenever you, as the gameplayer-sister, are shown in these clips, all the viewer sees are your hands and arms cloaked in these long, black satin, Rita Hayworth gloves. So, immediately, this sets my mind abuzz. Why don’t we see her skin? Who in their right mind wears elbow-length, prom gloves anymore?

Even if someone wants to argue that this is set in the past, you’d still only wear the little gloves that come up to your wrist. Something is definitely up! I know, it’s a man! Despite the voiceover, it’s a creepy cross-dressing brother searching for his twin. No, wait! It’s Charles Dexter Ward himself who is having an out of body experience! We’ll discover that it’s some psychological thriller where there IS no twin to save, it’s all part of a dream in Charles’ twisted head.

I guess it’s safe to tell you that none of my (very creative, I might add) possible plot twists come to pass. The story is what it is set up to be. You are a sister who goes to the hotel to save her brother. Yes, in your long black gloves. Don’t ask me, I can’t explain it… maybe on the day of filming the chick didn’t show up and they put some dude in gloves. Who knows?

You’ll enjoy some pretty straightforward Hidden Object Areas and tasks requiring you to "combine" inventory items to make new gear that you’ll need to complete your mission. It’s all great fun, gloves notwithstanding.

Use CGG’s comprehensive Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Walkthrough as your tour map through the hotel and nearby swamps of Louisiana. Whether you check the fully detailed screenshots every step of the way or simply as needed, CGG’s walkthrough is all you’ll need to navigate the hallways and find your brother!

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