The Unofficial Magic Farm Guide

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 The Heart plant

The Heart plants grow in habitats as diverse as tropical rainforests and semi arid conditions.  They are a hardy species whose blooms are highly prized for their beauty and durability in floral arrangements.



Big Heart

Huge Heart

The Heart has a single stem that produces a single flower node.  The leaves extend halfway up the stalk and have a glossy, textured surface that helps them to retain moisture.  The leaves are wide and oval in shape.  The node is shaped like the head of a dragon, thus the popular name for the flowers of Dragon Hearts.


Big Hearts develop a secondary node and show a small increase in overall size.  The flowers are produced at the node.


Huge Hearts develop a third and final node.  The leaves grow larger and an odd feathery tendril grows from the base of each node.  This tendril often encircles the stem.   Children call them Dragon’s Tails.

The flowers of the Heart plant:

Red Heart


Giving these flowers to your sweetheart is a surefire way to say 'I love you'!

Incarnadine Heart


Some believe a tea made from these flowers will help mend a broken heart.

Fiery Red Heart


The young of certain species eat these during their first days.