The Legend of Crystal Valley Walkthrough & Cheats

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You play Eve a curiously feisty red-head that is on a quest to locate her mysterious father in this adventure game. View clues and converse with characters throughout the game to help Eve find her father. General Tips:

  • Save the game often by selecting the Menu tab; then the save game option from the menu.
  • To access the help pop-up screen, press the F1 key.
  • View everything possible to obtain clues...view most items several times to receive a different clue each time.
  • Converse with as many characters as possible to obtain additional clues.
  • Take as many items as possible...never know how some obscure item could come in handy!

Mouse Curser:

  • Blue Curser: Indicates Eve can go to a different scene.
  • Yellow Curser: Eve can walk to that location.
  • Green Curser: Eve can converse with that character and/or interact with the selected object.
  • White Curser: No actions are possible.
  • Magnifying Glass: More information regarding that object/character is available and important. Select the object/character several times for additional clues.
  • Eye and Hand pop-up box:
    1. Eye pop-up box selection: item can be viewed several times for clues.
    2. Hand pop-up box selection: item can be taken and put into inventory.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • The space bar speeds Eve's walking. The game states Eve's walking speed can only be increased if she has already visited that location...not so most of the time.
  • F1 key brings up the Help screen.

Inventory Items and Magic Spells:

  • Access the inventory pop-up screen:
    1. Select the "inventory" tab in the upper right of the screen OR
    2. Right click on any part of the screen.
  • Use an inventory item on Eve by double-clicking on the item under the inventory or magic tabs. Example: You want Eve to put on a suit of armor, double click the armor in the inventory and Eve will magically change clothes.
  • Use an inventory on an object or character in a scene by selecting the inventory item, and then select the desired object or character. Example: You need to fill an item with liquid, select the bottle of liquid then select the item that needs to be filled with liquid.
  • Several times throughout the game, Eve finds only a part of an object/item. Combine each part of the item you need to combine to make a complete object/item. Example: Eve receives a hook, a rope and a fish. Eve ultimately needs a baited fishing line. Select the hook, then select the rope (now there is a hook on a rope); select the combined hook and rope, then select the fish. Finished object/item is a baited fishing line.
  • A shrinking magic spell will need to be used on Eve several times throughout the game to access different locations. Double-click on the shrinking magic spell to shrink Eve. To make Eve normal size, select the shrinking spell again.  Walla magic!
  • Sometimes you may not realize Eve has received or used an inventory item when conversing with Characters. A pop-up button in the upper right of the screen will show an image of the item.

Characters and Conversations:

  • Many characters have invaluable clues regarding the game...converse with as many characters as you can. Speak with many of them more than once after fulfilling quests and favors.
  • The text in the dialog/conversation box is white if that topic has not been chosen.
  • The text in the dialog/conversation box turns yellow when that topic has been chosen.
  • Can't remember the clues/information from a character's conversation? Select the diary under the inventory pop-up box.


Opening Scene/Front of the Farmhouse/Tutorial:

  • View the Window w/blue and white gingham curtain; dinner bell to the left of the door; metal bucket and red water/well pump.
  • Ring the dinner bell for fun.
  • Read information on how to control Eve. 


  • Move Eve slightly to the right to the front of the Farmhouse. 


  • Follow Tutorial and place close attention to the hints received in the tutorial.
  • View Window to the right of Eve to receive some information.
  • Have Eve view the dinner bell to the left of the door.
  • View the bucket a couple of times to get an idea on how the hints work throughout the game.
  • Select the bucket and choose the hand icon/take to put the bucket in inventory.
  • Take the bucket from inventory and place under red well pump. Make sure the curser turns to green to place bucket under pump.
  • Select the red well pump; view (eye icon) then take (hand) action filling the bucket with water.
  • Eve will place the filled bucket in inventory.

FARMHOUSE: Farmhouse Foyer:

  • View each of the following items several times to receive several hints: Red Rose, Portrait of Eve and the Slippers in front of the right door. 


  • Enter door on the left into the Dining Room

Farmhouse Dining Room:

  • Select the China Cabinet to view several items and to place items into inventory. 


China Cabinet  


  • View the following items several times for clues: Glass Bottle (filled w/petroleum); Statue of a Knight w/scepter, Cups and Saucers; Apple Pie and Knife.
  • Select the following items for inventory: Glass Bottle; Knight Statue and Knife.
  • Exit China Cabinet near the bottom of the scene when the curser turns blue. 
  • Then exit to the right of the scene where the curser turns blue...then exit through the foyer...go into the right door into the Study.


  • Enter the Study.
  • View the Tribal Necklace several times on the top shelf of the bookshelf to the left. 


  • View the Skull on the bookshelves several times.
  • Select the Family Portrait to get a closer view. 

Family Portrait:  


  • View the Mother and Father in the portrait several times
  • View the Father's Medallion several times and put into inventory. The picture will move exposing an ancient parchment.
  • View the ancient parchment several times in the hidden safe before putting into inventory.  Study Desk:  


  • View the following items several times: "I am Robot" book and the journal.
  • View the Moon Statue and Matches several times then collect them into inventory.
  • Exit desk, then Study, through Foyer and Outside the Farmhouse.



  • View the Chicken and the No Trespassing sign several times.
  • Go to the backyard.
  • View the Truck and the Carriage Wheels several times.
  • View the Yellow Lantern several times before putting into inventory.
  • Enter Work Shed to the left.

Work Shed:

  • Eve will automatically exit the Work Shed...follow the tutorial on how to use/put inventory items together.
  • Open the inventory. Select the lamp in inventory, then fill the lamp with petroleum, then light the lamp with matches...now Eve has a Mobile Illumination Device!
  • Re-enter the Work Shed.
  • Receive brief instructions regarding Magic Spells and close tutorial box 


  • View the Blackboard, Chair and Blueprints several times
  • View (several times) and collect the Devil Statue on the buffet table on the left and the Flashlight on the floor in front of spinning wheel on the right into inventory.
  • Select the China in the back of the scene.

China Cabinet:

  • View and collect the statues into inventory 


  • Open your inventory and read the poem on parchment from the safe. The poem gives clues regarding correct placement of the statues in China Cabinet. 


  • China Cabinet Statue Puzzle Solution: 

**when the inventory is open and an item is selected/highlighted, a description of the item is in the lower left of the inventory** 


    • Moon- Middle Top Shelf
    • Dragon- Second shelf from the top on the left side
    • Maiden-Second shelf from the top in the middle
    • Monster- Second shelf from the top on the right side
    • Knight – Third shelf from the top in the middle
    • Devil – Bottom shelf in the middle
  • A Portal hole to the Cave will open up on the left back wall when the statues are placed correctly. 


  • Remember to save your game.

CAVE: Cave Entrance:

  • Move towards the lanterns in the back, view the cage on the left when Eve stops.
  • Move further back and take the blue arrow on the right at the end of the cave.

Right Side of Cave:  


  • Go forward and view the Orange Creature in the cage...it's still alive!
  • Open the inventory and place the hair clip on the cage to free the creature.
  • Examine the Orange Creature after it is freed.
  • Move backwards; back to the end of the cave through the left entrance.

     Left Side of the Cave: 


  • View the switch, rope and wagon.
  • Open inventory and use the knife to cut the rope.
  • Pull the switch to move the wagon to create a new opening.
  • Walk through the new opening as the Orange Creature flies past you. Light at last!
  • Walk toward the Statue.


  • View the statue...well...you know the drill. 


  • View the statue lock at the bottom.
  • Let's see, should Eve go left or go right? Go down the right pathway.

Cottage (right pathway): 


  • View and take fish from barrel.
  • Speak with the Fishermen; Dejan and Jozo by selecting all dialogue options.
  • View the cabin and the Bridge.
  • Speak with Dejan and Jozo again selecting all dialogue options.
  • Return to the Statue and take the left pathway

     Left Pathway:

  • Select the orange bell along the left side of the path. 


  • Continue down the left path.


  • Use the conversation dialogue box; use all options when Eve speaks to Konoba and Karim. 


  • Speak with Konoba first, then Karim, then Konoba...make sure to ask Konoba about Eve's father obtaining information on how to reach the City.
  • View the Skull Statue in the middle of the Village Square. 




Village Square Blacksmith:

  • Go to the left to the Blacksmith. 


  • Speak with Kovac the Blacksmith using all conversation options. You may have to do this twice...making sure you ask about the Strange Creature and fixing the wheel.
  • Take the Blacksmith Gloves into inventory.
  • For a little humor view the rock under the Strange Creature several times!

Village Square Tavern:  


  • Take the bell on the right of the scene into inventory.
  • Speak with Hilge until Eve receives a hair clip.
  • Speak with Bobo completely and give him the bells.
  • View the Tavern Sign.

Inside the Tavern:

  • Speak with Milan until no conversation options are available. 


  • Go to the bottom of the scene to Tap-Room.



  • View the Trophy and the Tapestry.
  • Speak with Faris the Bartender until no conversation options are available.
  • Just try to take the key and the sleeping powder...I dare you!
  • Exit the Tavern and go to the Blacksmith


  • Speak with Kovac the Blacksmith; choosing the new conversation option regarding the curse. Ask him to repair the wheel again in exchange for a coin.
  • Return to Village Entrance.

Village Entrance:

  • Speak with Konoba and give him the repaired wheel from the inventory.
  • Go back to the Tavern.


  • Give Bobo the rest of the bells from inventory. He'll give Eve the code for repairing the Music Box inside the Tavern.
  • Enter the Tavern.
  • Select the Music Box. 


  • Tavern Music Box puzzle solution: 


    1. Select the symbols in the order Bobo whistled the tune.
    2. The music box will opened when solved correctly.
  • Select the broken mechanism inside the Music Box into inventory.
  • Return to the Blacksmith


  • Speak with Kovac the Blacksmith ask if he can repair the Music Box Mechanism. Give him the hair pin and coin from inventory.
  • Return to the Tavern.


  • Select the Music Box, take the repaired Music Box Mechanism from inventory and place in the Music Box.  Walla...fixed! 


  • Go to the Tavern Tap Room.
  • Select the Key on the bar and convince Bartender Faris to give you the Key. Then convince him to give Eve a beer (thought she didn't drink!).
  • Give Milan the beer in exchange for the sleeping powder on the table next to him.
  • Return to the Crossroads/Statue that had a keyhole between the Trisgon Fishing Village and Trisgon Skull Village.


  • Select the Statue Lock...open inventory and place key in lock. 


  • Select the ruby/monster's eye from the statue lock.
  • Return to Trisgon Skull Village on the left path.
  • Remember to save the game.

Trisgon Skull Village:

  • Return to the Skull Statue.
  • Place the ruby from inventory into the eye socket of the monster. 


  • Step away from the Statue.
  • Barmaid Hilge will call Eve over.
  • Go to Barmaid Hilge.
  • YEA, the bridge is fixed.
  • Go through the Village along the path (use the space bar to speed Eve up if you'd like); take the right path past the Statue; past the Fisherman's Village; past/over the newly repaired bridge.

MAGIC FOREST Magic Forest Crossroads:

  • Dilemma...to go right or to go left...better go right to do a whole lot of nothing...except to open dialog conversations/actions later. 


Magic Forest Right Path:

  • View the large trunk obstruction on the pathway. 
  • Open the inventory; select the sleeping powder and mix with the fish to conceal the bad fish odor.

Magic Forest Left Path:

  • Turn Eve around; go past Magic Forest Crossroads and meet up with a giant.
  • Have a conversation with Giant Burek. Ask Burek if he'd like your fish (option 3).
  • Select the bag from around Burek's for inventory after he falls asleep. 


  • Return to the Magic Forest Crossroads.

Magic Forest Crossroads:

  • Open the inventory and double-click to drink the magic potion. 


  • The middle path will "sparkle"...take the middle path...Eve will arrive at a Witch's Hut.

Witch's Hut:

  • View the 4 magic staffs. 


  • Talk to Lepinya the Witch. She'll ask you to find 3 plants. A crude map of the plants will be put into inventory.
  • Access the map by double-clicking it to get a better view. 


  • Plant Locations:
    1. Magic Forest Crossroads – to the right of the scene and left of the boulder. 


    2. Right Path of Magic Forest – on the left; it's a red plant in front of the boulder before the fallen tree obstacle.  


    3. Crypt Entrance on the left...haven't been there yet. See below for instructions.
  • Turn around; go down the right path; take the middle path; go past the Witch's Hut; past the stone columns to the entrance of the Crypt.

Outside the Crypt:

  • There are thorn bushes in front of the Crypt; take the blacksmith gloves from inventory to remove the thorn bushes.
  • Move to the front of the Crypt; the plant is on the left 


  • Return to the Witch.

Witches Hut:

  • Give the plants to the Witch.
  • Converse with the Witch until all dialogs have been used and Eve has received the magic words "komi-sako-mako".
  • Return to the Crypt.


  • Enter through the door. 


  • View the skull on the wall, the crypt doors and the humanoid guardian.
  • Take the metal finger from the humanoid guardian.
  • Open inventory and select the metal finger and use on the skull keyhole...the Crypt doors will open.
  • Enter the doors.

Strange Mirror:

  • View the 4 glowing blue lights, the ceramic pot in front of the mirror and the strange mirror. 


  • Select the Strange Mirror and select the magic words "komisakomako" from the conversation dialog choices.
  • Take the magic/sorcery book from the stone table for inventory.
  • Leave the Crypt and visit Lepinya the Witch again.

Witch's Hut:

  • Converse with Lepinya (witch) telling her "I've been to the crypt". Learn your first magic spell and obtain more information on how to reach the City.
  • View the Witch's cauldron for solution to a puzzle.
  • Go back to the Crypt by the strange mirror.

Crypt Jammed Door:

  • Back up slightly and go the left between the columns. 


  • Look another skull on the wall...go ahead and view the "jammed" thing.
  • Open the inventory pop-up box; then select the "Magic" tab; Double-click the shrinking Magic Spell to activate.
  • Have tiny Eve enter small passage-way at the bottom of the door.

Hidden Door:

  • View the round/Sarcophagus puzzle.
  • Sarcophagus Puzzle: 




    1. The gold knob in the middle of the puzzle represents the gold orb in the Witch's cauldron.
    2. Rotate the gems in the puzzle to duplicate the pattern in the Witch's cauldron.
    3. There are 3 raised circles in the puzzle.
    4. Select the valleys between the raised circles to move the orbs.
    5. Selecting the valley/s on the left side of the puzzle moves the orb/s counter-clockwise.
    6. Selecting the valley/s on the right side of the puzzle moves the orb/s clockwise.
    7. The orbs will no longer move when they are in the correct position.
    8. The door will open when solved correctly and go to a cut scene.

PORTAL CHAMBER: Portal Chamber Entrance:  


Melvis (Man):


  • Have a looonngg conversation with Melvis (Elvis impersonator) the man on the front left of the scene. Use all the dialog options. Eve learns Melvis wants a medallion and a crystal.
  • Give Melvis the medallion that is similar but different than your Father's from inventory. In turn, Melvis will give Eve the City Medallion.
  • View the gramophone to the right of Melvis and the Portal to the left of Melvis.
  • Now go speak with the green lizard painter.

Lizard Painter: 


  • Converse with the Lizard Painter using all dialog options.
  • View the Painting and the bucket.
  • Collect the bolt under the column to the left of the Painter.
  • Go converse with the Giant...pick up another bolt on the left of the scene before reaching the Giant.

Kyfla the Giant:


  • Converse with the Giant and give the big guy the bolts. In return Eve will coincidently receive a SAT1123 crystal.
  • Go speak with the Portal Guardian on the right.

Portal Guardian-Unit 52:


  • Converse with Unit 52. He'll request "papers or a medallion for your desired destination". Give him the medallion...to be transported to the City.

THE CITY: Main Square Eve has 2 choices to go to the fountain on the right...or the Library on the left.  Go to the Library...Oops a mistake there's a street entrance North of the Library. 



  • Select the bottom of the scene to have Kate move further into the Library.
  • View the Bookshelf on the right before reaching the table; along with the books sitting on the floor. There is also a broken bookshelf on the left; which is an exit. 


  • Go to the Library Table.
  • Speak with Ferofka the Librarian...she wants her wheel back in order to assist Eve...keep speaking to Ferofka until Eve receives the worn out ball.
  • View the book on the left of the table.
  • Go to the Fountain outside the Library to the homilies.


  • Converse with Willy or Harry at the Fountain; exchange the ball for Ferofka the Librarian's wheel. 


  • Go back to the Library.

Back to the Library:

  • Converse with Ferofka; take the book on the left side of the table.
  • Exit the Library; past the Fountain and the Cart; past the Butcher to the Florist (building with a flower sign hanging above the door and across from the Musician. 



  • Enter the Florist shop. 
  • View the rows of flowers on the left of the scene, the strange blue flower in front of the Florist, Tratincica and the pots on the shelves on the back wall. Eve will receive a rose and the Marishka Hladnis in inventory in exchange for the book


  • Return to the Library.

Library revisit:

  • Return to the Library Table and speak with Ferofka again. Eve will receive a gold coin and Ferofka will allow Eve read the Magical Encyclopedia. 


  • Go to the fallen bookshelf in the Library and view the bookworm...the sound the bookworm makes...sends chills down the spine like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Also view the scattered books. 


  • Go to the right of the fountain to the butcher.



  • Converse the Argoyth the Butcher. Eve will learn his meat is spoiling as he has nothing in which to keep the meat cool.
  • Eve will give him the Marishka Hladnis. Now Argoyth the Butcher "owes you one"...and is indebted to Eve.  Collect the debt/favor later.
  • Go right, to the Musician across from the Florist.



  • Speak with Frula the Musician to obtain more information regarding Isaac in exchange for a coin.
  • Go north, exit the City and continue on the path until you reach the broken-down Cadillac.



  • View the Cadillac for information and take the carburetor for an inventory item.
  • Walk to the right to the Mansion Gates.

Mansion Gates:  


  • View the barking dog...he's hungry and will let Eve pass...only if he had something to eat.
  • Hmm...got an idea...get some thing for the dog to eat from Argoyth the Butcher.
  • Return to Argoyth the butcher and ask for a favor.  Eve will receive a bone...nick nack paddywack...give the dog a bone.
  • Go back to the Mansion Gates to give the dog a bone and enter the gates through the Courtyard.



  • Converse with Betty the Maid; she's in love with Omero. Eve agrees to speak with Omero on Betty's behalf in exchange for "accidental" entry into the Villa.
  • View the boxes at the left of the doors and take a bottle of rum for inventory.
  • Exit the villa, through the Mansion gates, past the Cadillac; enter the City, past the Florist, past the fountain.
  • Take the alley to the north of the Library.

Omero and the other Betty: 


  • Converse with Omero. Eve will give him a rose from the Maid and Omero will give Eve a letter
  • Return to the Villa.



  • Speak with Betty the maid and give her the letter from Omero. The maid will return the favor by opening a window in the backyard.
  • Select the left part of the scene to enter the backyard.
  • View the pile of soil, the opened window and the Ivy...that's all for now...return later.
  • Return to the Chariot Driver Petar near the Fountain and ask him to take you to the Lighthouse.

City Side Dock:  


  • Converse with Sailor Jim or Sailor Tom on the Dock.
  • View the Control Panel and Wagon.
  • Open the inventory and place the carburetor on the Control Panel.
  • Speak with the Sailors to advice them the Control Panel is repaired.
  • Select the Wagon for a ride to the Lighthouse Dock.

Lighthouse Dock: 


  • Speak with Mikhail.
  • View the Veronika Veronika plant on the left of the dock.
  • Go towards the Lighthouse up the stairs and enter the Lighthouse.



  • There are 3 triangle shaped switches on each point of the large triangle surrounding the green light.
  • Select the bottom switch and the light will turn yellow
  • Select the switch on the left...oops Eve turned the light off. According to Mikhail the light should never be off. Better go tell Mikhail about your "mistake"!
  • Inform Mikhail of your "mistake"; he'll leave. Take the Veronika Veronika plant and run to the City Dock via the wagon.
  • Take the Veronika Veronika to Tratincica the florist.
  • Return to the Villa Backyard.

VILLA Villa Backyard: 


  • Open the inventory and plant the newly acquired magic seeds into the fertile soil.
  • Wow! A Magic Beanstalk; perfect for climbing into the "opened window". What a coincidence!

Villa Study:

  • Go to the corner of the room.
  • View the pictures on the wall; the almost empty bottle of liquor; the saucer and the odd looking safe. 


  • Take the vase with water and put in inventory.
  • Walk over to the safe, open the inventory and pour the water from the vase into the funnel on the safe. There will be 4 tubes on the vase that partially fill with the liquid.
  • Go back to the desk in the Study and view the piece of paper (safe combination) lying on the left side of the desk. 


  • The paper has 4 bars: Empty, Full, Full, Empty.
  • Safe Puzzle: 


    1. Fill the glass tubes on the safe from left to right: Empty, Full, Full, Empty.
    2. Each Gold Bar in front of the glass tubes raises the liquid level of that tube...but also lowers the level of another tube. Numbered from left to right.
      • Bar 1: Raises tube no. 1 and lowers tube no. 3.
      • Bar 2: Raises tube no. 2 and lowers tube no. 4.
      • Bar 3: Raises tube no. 3 and lowers tube no. 2
      • Bar 4: Raises tube no. 4 and lowers tube no. 1
    3. Solution (highlight to see answer): 2-3-4-4-4-4-3-3-3-2-2-2-2.  The safe will automatically open when solved correctly.
  • Take the letter and the horn from the safe. 


  • Return to the City and ask Petar the Driver to take you to see the Count.


  • Walk through the front gates and approach the Tower. Eve will summarize what she has learned thus far while approaching the Tower.
  • Open the massive Tower Gates by opening the inventory and double clicking on the horn. The horn sounds and the gates will open.
  • Enter through the Gates...to the Elevator Lobby Room. The only exits besides the leaving the tower are the 4 elevators at the back of the room.  One of the elevators is raised off the floor.


  • Take the first elevator on the left to the Library.


  • View the Knight's Armor. 


  • Approach the display bookcase in the middle of the scene. 


  • Approach the opened bookcase slightly left of the elevator cage. Select the left side of the bookcase to enter bookcase scene.
  • View a take the sheet of paper that is sticking out on the third shelf in the middle to obtain the Magic Spell for Telekinesis.  Click the bottom left of the scene to exit bookcase.


  • Take the elevator to the Elevator Lobby.

Elevator Lobby:

  • Open the inventory; open the magic tab and select the Telekinesis Spell. 


  • Use the spell on the raised/third elevator by double clicking the Telekinesis Spell on the raised elevator. The elevator will lower.
  • Enter the lowered/third elevator to visit Vatram.


  • View the eggs on the right of the scene. 


  • Converse with Vatram to learn more about Isaac and possibly a magic spell.
  • Approach the bars/pedestal near the encased egg on the left of Vatram.
  • Select each lever until they are in these positions: up-up-down-up. (Oops missed screenshot).
  • The glass encasing the egg will disappear.
  • Open the inventory and under the magic tab select the Shrinking Spell.
  • View and take the shrunken egg.
  • Use the Shrinking Spell on the egg.
  • Converse with Vatram again to learn the Blizzard Spell.
  • Return to the Elevator Lobby and take the second elevator from the left.

Hall and Dining Room:

  • View the Massive Wooden Doors. 


  • Converse with Unit 42. Well, there's no reasoning with some people/robots.
  • Cast the newly acquired Blizzard Spell on Unit 42. There will be a cut scene.
  • No that Unit 42 is frozen, enter the Massive Wooden Doors.
  • Converse with the Count for a very long time until he casts a spell on Eve and she is imprisoned. Select the go back option in the conversation several times. 


Dungeon Cell


  • View the cell doors, the bed and the key.
  • Use the telekinesis spell on the key.
  • Take the key out of inventory and use on cell doors.
  • Exit the cell and walk to the right.

Right Dungeon Room:

  • View the doors and to the Dungeon, the broken hatch and the Axe Head. 


  • Take the Axe Head.
  • Go to the left past the Dungeon Cell.

Left Dungeon Room:

  • View and take the axe handle from the pile of wood. 


  • Open the inventory and place the axe head and the axe handle together.
  • Use the repaired axe on the Frozen Man.
  • Converse with Rales Ty/Frozen Man to be transported to the Portal Crossroads.

The Angles Bridge Crossroads: 


  • Take the Left Pathway.

The Huts: 


Rales Va's Hut: 


  • Enter the left Hut. 
  • View the small shelves and the blue crystal on the table.
  • Take the blue crystal for inventory.
  • Converse with Rales Va.
  • Exit the Hut and go to the Right Hut.

Rales Ka's Hut: 


  • Converse...if you want to call it that...with Rales Ka.
  • View the symbol on the wall.
  • View and take the pink crystal for inventory.
  • Exit the Hut and take the left path enter the hut with a pink glow.

Glowing Pink Hut:

  • View the strange symbol, strange light, controller and table. 


  • Take the controller in inventory.
  • Open the inventory and connect the pink and blue crystals to the controller.
  • Approach the strange device.

Strange Device: 

  • Put the completed controller with the 2 crystals attached into the indention in the device. 


  • Strange Device Puzzle: Extend all the arms w/springs on the device. 
    1. The large buttons on the left and right rotate the device.
    2. The small buttons between the large buttons extend or retract the arms on the device.
    3. Select the small buttons in this order. Solution (highlight for solution): 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-4-8
    4. The device will turn off when solution is entered correctly.
    5. Exit hut and take the pathway on the left; go to Rales Ka's hut (the second hut).

Rales Ka's Hut Return:  

  • Converse with Rales Ka.
  • Open the inventory and use the Father's Medallion.


  • View one of the crystals on the walls of the cave. Each crystal gives the same information.
  • Walk forward to enter the Cave Crossroads. 


  • Take the left pathway; then take the Right Chamber.

Right Chamber of Left Pathway:


  • View the crystal on the left wall.
  • Approach the safe at the end of the scene.
  • Use the blizzard spell on the safe padlock.
  • Select the padlock; open the safe.
  • View and take the helmet.
  • Exit the chamber and return to the Cave Crossroads. Take the right pathway.

Right Pathway: 


  • View and take the shield on the left of the scene near Misho.
  • Converse with Misho and Mate.
  • Exit the pathway as there is a wall of flames and Eve doesn't have the amulet or armor yet.
  • Enter Cave Crossroads and take the left path; then take the left chamber.

Left Chamber of Left Pathway:

  • Approach the Machine.
  • Turn the valve that is furthest to the left first; then turn the middle valve. IGNORE the valves on the right. 


  • The water will drain from the chamber revealing a suit of Armor.
  • Another dilemma...can't reach the Suit of Armor...oh yea...use the Telekinesis Magic. Problem Solved.
  • Return to the right pathway where Misho and Mate are working.

Right Pathway.

  • Open the inventory and combine the Helmet, the Shield and the Armor. Double click the combined Armor to clothe Eve. Doesn't she look fashionable!  


  • Go deeper into the cave and enter the Fire Wall.


  • Mrs. Vatram perhaps.
  • Undress Eve of her armor by double-clicking the inventory box.
  • Converse with She-Vatram...she has a breathing problem...probably from all that smoking.
  • Go past the She-Vatram and enter the Swamp.


  • View the large mushroom along the path that is oozing sticky sap. 


  • Continue along the path.

Martin's Straw Hut: 


  • View the small mushroom and plant on the left of the scene.
  • Take the plant.
  • View and take the fish hanging under the deck of the cabin.
  • Converse with Martin...more favors to fulfill...more problems to solve.
  • Exit Martin's Straw Hut and walk behind the hut along the plank pathway.
  • View the large tree.
  • View and take the large acorn cap. 


  • Exit the back of the cabin and go left to the large mushroom that was/is oozing sticky sap.
  • Fill the acorn cup from inventory with sticky sap. 


  • Make a glue kit by combining the little branch that resembles a bush and the sapped filled acorn cap/glue.
  • Go north to the swamp dock.

Swamp Dock: 


  • View the rope, the sunken boat and the boat.
  • Take the rope.
  • Repair the boat with the glue kit.
  • Converse with Martin again until Eve and Martin are in the boat and the inventory has a hook.
  • Proceed deeper into the lake.

Lake and the Monster:  


  • View the odd looking branch and the Monster.
  • Make a baited fishing line by combining the rope, hook and fish from the inventory.
  • Put the fishing line on the odd branch to feed the Monster.
  • Eve will arrive at another dock...walk along the dock until Eve reaches a primitive elevator.



  • Poor Eve...she must really be bored with this game...she keeps yawning!
  • View the barrels and the elevator.
  • Walk onto the elevator.
  • Use the Telekinesis magic to move the barrels onto the elevator platform for weight allowing the elevator to rise. Eve will have to do this one at a time.
  • Walk along the path to Ziggurat.


  • Eve will summarize her journey while walking to Ziggurat.
  • Approach Brozz the Giant.

Brozz the Giant:  

  • Converse with Brozz the Giant; who is in terrible pain.
  • Cast the Shrinking spell on Eve by double-clicking on the spell.
  • Speak with Brozz again.
  • Have Eve enter Brozz's mouth.
  • Walk to the very back of the mouth. The bone shard is now visible. 


  • Take the piece of bone and exit the mouth.
  • Double-click the shrink spell to bring Eve to her normal size so Brozz may see her.
  • Speak with Brozz again until he lowers a bridge.

Broken Bridge:

  • Walk across the Bridge.
  • Oops; the Bridge is broken.
  • Shrink Eve so she may cross over the unbroken wire on the Bridge.
  • Bring the red head/Eve back to normal size again after crossing the Bridge.

Pillars Puzzle:  


  • Have Eve walk to each pillar.
  • Rotate the large triangle on 2 of the pillars (2 pillars have the green light on top already) until the green light is on the top and the yellow and blue lights are on the bottom.
  • Green, yellow and blue light beams will be emitted from each pillar when the green light is on top.
  • Have Eve walk onto the platform in the middle of puzzle to be lowered to a new area.
  • Proceed to the Crossroads.

Ziggurat Crossroads:


  • Converse with Alfred the Butler.
  • Take the right pathway/hallway to the Robots.

Right Room – Robot Operating Room: 


  • View the robot, robots arm and leg on the operating table.
  • Take the robot arm and leg into inventory.
  • View and take the torn part of the plans/lower part of the scheme on the floor near Alfred.
  • Converse with Alfred the Butler again.
  • Return to the Crossroads and take the middle/Library pathway.

Middle Room – Library:  


  • View the stack of books on the floor, bookshelves, desk and the potted plant on the desk on the left and the plans on the desk near Alfred.
  • Take the torn part of the plans/middle scheme off the work desk.
  • Converse with Alfred again.
  • No need to go to the back pathway at this time.
  • Walk through the crossroads and take the left pathway to the Left Room.

Left Room – The Great Engine: 


  • View the stack of large crystals on the left and the large heap of Gold dust on the right.
  • View the repairing slot and plans slot on the Engine.
  • View and take the torn piece of the plan on the floor right of the Engine.
  • Take the lower scheme of the plans on the floor.
  • Combine the upper, middle and lower parts of the scheme together in inventory.
  • The Great Engine puzzle:
    1. Place the plans/scheme in the plans slot on the right of the Engine.
    2. Put the robot arm into the repair slot.
    3. Press the yellow button and then the purple button.
    4. Take the repaired arm out of the slot.
    5. Put the robot leg into the repair slot.
    6. Press the green button and then the purple button.
    7. Take the repaired leg out of the slot.
  • Exit room, through crossroads to the right pathway to the Robot Operating Room.

Robot Operating Room – Repair the Robot:

  • Take the robot's repaired arm and leg from inventory and place on the robot on the operating table.
  • Converse with the repaired robot/Andriod-234 mark 3 until Eve receives a key.
  • Return to the Library/middle pathway and go through the back pathway to some big doors to Isaac's private quarters.
  • Use the key from inventory on the big doors.

Hologram Crossroads (behind the middle pathway Library): 


  • View the planet hologram.
  • Converse with Alfred...he isn't much of a tour guide.
  • Enter the left passage.

Statue – Left passage:  

  • Approach the Statue.
  • View and take the golden rose from her right hand.  That's all.
  • Exit statue, left passage and go through the hologram crossroads to the right passage.

Sleeping Quarters – Right passage: 


  • View the bed, the books, cups and ring box on the desk.
  • Take the ring from the ring box on the desk.
  • Return to the hologram crossroads and approach the massive doors.

Massive Doors: 


  • The lock on the doors has 3 circle shaped slots; large/top, medium/middle and small/bottom.
  • Place the Golden Rose from inventory into the top/large slot.
  • Place the medallion from inventory into the middle/medium slot.
  • Put the ring into the small slot.
  • Go through Massive Doors.

Organ Room:  

  • Approach the Organ.
  • View the strange robot playing the organ.
  • Walk behind the organ onto the green hexagon platform to be raised to the triangle platform.
  • Approach the large control panel.
  • Matching Puzzle:
    1. The triangle lights on the puzzle will blink.
    2. Repeat the sequence by pressing each light in the same sequence as the flashing light sequence. (Like the electronic game "Simon".)
    3. The middle triangle will fill up with each correct inputted sequence.
  • Walk to the back of the Triangle puzzle onto the green hexagon platform.
  • Step onto the large platform...I'm not writing the rest of the game...the rest is history!

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