Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena Walkthrough & Cheats

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Overview: You play Samantha Swift, daring archaeologist, who is looking for rare artifacts for her museum. With some adversaries on her trail, will she survive her quest?

Finding Items: You find items like any other HOG but these are all hand drawn, cool, eh!  Not everyone will have the same list of items to find so not everything will be circled. Only tool (inventory) items will be circled.

Note: If you replay the game, even the items will have moved to different spots! The only items that don't move are inventory (tool) items, museum items, and hints.

Blue Items: Items listed in blue need tools to uncover them, in other words, you must find one of the other objects listed to uncover it. (If you played Hidden Expedition: Amazon you are familiar with this technique.)

Cursor: When your cursor turns blue with two small gears that means you have found the area needed to obtain the blue item.

Note: These areas are marked with a Blue X.

Hints: You start the level with three hints and can accumulate more by finding Zeus' lightning bolt(s).

Note: The ones I found (there may be more) are circled with in Green.

Scanner: Once you've found the scanner, you can click on a word it will show you the silhouette.

Puzzles: When your cursor turns green with a magnifying glass, there is a puzzle there. You may have to return to that area later to complete it.

Note: I've marked puzzles with a Yellow X.


Athens, Greece

Level 1

  1. use knife to cut vines.
  2. use shovel to dig up golden owl.
  3. place golden owl in the 2nd door (from left to right).
  4. exit to next level.


Level 2

  1. use the water jug on the rock.
  2. use the crowbar on the distant column.
  3. use the chisel on the huge slab five times.
  4. put the armor, helmet, and lance on Athena.
  5. go down the hole that appears.


Level 3 - Puzzle

  1. use brush on back wall.
  2. use axe on broken wall four times.
  3. exit to next level.

Lever Puzzle: once you find the levers in Level 4 you can complete this puzzle, also make note of the arrows beside the dead guy.

  1. put the levers in their places.
  2. place the 3 left levers down and the 2 right levers up.
  3. exit to next level.


Level 4

  1. use miners pickaxe on rocks.
  2. use key on the wall.
  3. exit to Level 3 and solve the puzzle.


Level 5 - Puzzle

  1. use the shovel on the dirt.
  2. place the wheel hub on the golden disc, this will open up a puzzle

Golden Disc Puzzle: make sure you've already placed the wheel hub on the disc.

  1. place the statuettes in their correct places on the three stones.
  2. turn each of the rings until the click firmly into place.
  3. go back to Apollo's room and see him move away from a door.
  4. exit to next level.


Level 6

  1. use scoop to dig through the coins.
  2. use key on locked chest.
  3. place sun pendent on the side of the chest.
  4. exit to next level.


Palatine Hill Excavation
Rome, Italy

Level 1

  1. collect all the items you can and then exit to Construction Site 2.
  2. use hammer on locked box.
  3. use chainsaw on tree by tent.
  4. exit to Construction Site 2.


Level 2

  1. use the magnifying glass on the wheel of the bulldozer.
  2. return to Construction Site 1.
  3. click on bulldozer and place the blue gear in the back, the red gear to the right, and the paperclip for a key.
  4. push the blue lever and then the red lever.
  5. exit to next level.


Level 3

  1. use the cane on the swinging lamp.
  2. use the saw on the board.
  3. click the curtain and assemble the statue, right click to get a rotate symbol.
  4. exit to next level.


Level 4

  1. use crowbar on boulder.
  2. attach the chains to the ceiling.
  3. place column in the chains.
  4. click battering ram to make it swing.
  5. exit through door and return here later.
  6. put your coins into the vase that the statue is pointing at.
  7. exit to next level.


Level 5

  1. use magnet on the upside down bowl.
  2. put the hook in the fishes mouth.
  3. use the fan on the dusty cloth.
  4. exit back to Level 4.


Level 6

  1. lets play dress up, place the sandle, mirror, earring, and necklace on the woman.
  2. place the helmet, shield , and sword on the man.
  3. use brush to dust away those cobwebs.
  4. place crown on woman.
  5. exit to next level.


Level 7

  • use hammer on the tile by the pool.
  • click on back well to get mural puzzle, place you mural pieces in the correct order to make a picture.
  • exit to next level.


Level 8

  1. place the rings according to color.
  2. flip the lever.


Outskirts of Peten Jungle
Tikal, Guatemala

Level 1

  1. use camera on bird.
  2. exit to Level 2 and return here later
  3. give the baseball to the boy.
  4. use the scoop on the limes.
  5. exit to Level 2 and return here later.
  6. give money to market woman.
  7. proceed on to Level 3.


Level 2

  1. find the items and return to Level 1.
  2. place the marbles on the road near sign.
  3. tickle the boy with the feather.
  4. use the nightclub on the pinata.
  5. return to Level 1.


Level 3

  1. place the boards in order from largest to smallest.
  2. click on the area on the other side and use your sonar and  shovel to unearth some artifacts.
  3. exit to next level.


Level 4

  1. in order to distract the guard so you can search, you need to throw a coin at the water bottle.
  2. use the scissors on the tent. (note: pick up the key!)
  3. use the key on the locked box.
  4. use the wire cutters to the wires leading into the tent.
  5. place the stone where the artifact was.
  6. exit to next level.


Level 5

  1. use metal detector on roped off ground and get key.
  2. use key on suitcase.
  3. use detonator on wooden block.
  4. place dynamite in the holes around the rose on the rock.
  5. push the detonator.
  6. exit to next level.


Level 6

  1. this level is very easy, hence no picture.
  2. just pick up the pieces, you won't be able to carry all of them at once.
  3. place the bases on the round stones.
  4. then follow with the remaining pieces.
  5. exit to next level.

Level 7

  1. use the brush on the spider web.
  2. use the flute on the bats.
  3. use the diamond on the crystals.
  4. use the rock on the far left side of the cave.
  5. use the bow on the wood blocking the entrance.
  6. exit to next level.


Level 8

  1. use machete on vines.
  2. exit to next level.


Level 9

  1. use glove to pick flower.
  2. place snake eyes on snakes.
  3. place snake skins on snakes.
  4. place snake tongue in right snake.
  5. exit to next level.


Level 10

  1. place all the animals and the flower on the alter.
  2. place the Shaman's staff in the hole in front of it.
  3. you'll get a match 3 puzzle, solve it to get the next rose.

Buckingham Palace
London, UK

Level 1

  1. place the ladder on the two benches to the right.
  2. use the pencil on the painting.
  3. push the button and exit to next level.


Level 2

  1. use key on music box.
  2. use nail file on jewelry box.
  3. smash ship in a bottle with paperweight.
  4. use gavel on code.
  5. exit to next level.


Level 3

  1. use lance on curtain.
  2. use hand cart on statue far left.
  3. use box cutter on round stained glass.
  4. drag the pieces to where they belong by comparing to the rest of the puzzle.
  5. exit to next level.


Level 4

  1. use trowel on loose brick in wall.
  2. click on room with goggles.
  3. take skeleton key by door and use on door.
  4. exit to next level.


Level 5 - Maze

  1. this is a 1st person maze, meaning you are navigating the maze as if you were walking through it yourself.
  2. Solution (R = Right, L = Left, U = Up, D = Down): the actual solution is in white, highlight to see! ----> U U L U U U L L L U U R U U U U L U U R U U R U U L U U U L U U U L R R U U L U U U L U U R U U U U.
  3. take key above door and exit to next level.

Level 6

  1. another very easy level, just place the knights where the cursor turns blue.
  2. take the weights from the base of statues.
  3. use the skeleton key on the gate.
  4. exit to the next level.

Level 7

  1. use the staff on the mouse.
  2. use the dagger on the floorboard underneath the round table.
  3. once the round table has letters all around it, you need to find the code.
  4. click on the letters to spell something out, if you get it wrong the letter is red, if it's right it will stay green.
  5. Solution (again in white, highlight to see):KING ARTHUR.
  6. the Lady of Justice appears, give her the scale plates.
  7. place the blindfold over her eyes.
  8. place the sword in her hand.
  9. now you have to balance the scales using the weights you picked up earlier.
  10. you can only fit three weights in one scale.
  11. Solution (in white, highlight): 7-3-1 & 5-4-2.


Inside the Louvre
Paris, France

Level 1

  1. use pliers on rope.
  2. use box cutter on garbage bag.
  3. use key on locked box (was behind curtain).
  4. use screwdriver on box on wall.
  5. pull lever and exit to next level.



Level 2

  1. use vacuum on the messy floor.
  2. use the scissors on the coat.
  3. use the card on the box.
  4. use the key on the locked box.
  5. exit to next level.


Level 3

  1. use gloves on potted plant.
  2. use guillotine on cake.
  3. use access card on box.


Level 4

  1. put sail on ship.
  2. put staff in hole in floor.
  3. put tut mask on statue.
  4. place the jars on their stands by their color.
  5. click area above jars and get a puzzle.
  6. match the symbols below by clicking above or below the area that looks like a paperclip.
  7. once those are done a larger version appears.
  8. use the duster on the slightly covered symbols under each solved puzzle.
  9. now match those to the new puzzle.
  10. exit to next level.


Level 5

  1. use the scroll on the messed up paintings.
  2. put them in order according to the scroll.
  3. now use the blacklight on the finished puzzle.
  4. exit to the next level and click the shield on the statue to reveal some steps.
  5. exit down the steps.

Level 6

  1. place tudor rose on back wall.
  2. use mallet on keg.
  3. use broken glass on cloth.
  4. use mortar on crack in ceiling.
  5. use vinegar on barrel lid.
  6. place sun in upper door.
  7. exit to next level.


Level 7

  1. click the gold puzzles on each side of the throne.
  2. match like symbols.
  3. use the binoculars on the back, right wall.
  4. use the bludgeon on the X.
  5. place crown in hole in column then click the crown.


Potala Palace
Lhasa, Tibet

Level 1

  1. find hidden map.
  2. find the differences.

Level 2

  1. place coffee pot on burner.
  2. use lighter on coffee pot.
  3. use bottle on coffee pot.
  4. use hot coffee on door.
  5. use miners axe on rocks.
  6. exit to next level.


Level 3

  1. use broom on snow behind bird.
  2. use ice pick on ice.
  3. use bottle on mold.
  4. use ice key on door and exit to next level.


Level 4

  1. place drum, chimes, and bell in the stone.
  2. take the paddle and play them in order.
  3. hint: watch door, if it turns red its wrong, if it turns green it's correct.
  4. exit to next level.


Level 5

  1. place the tiles above the matching doors.
  2. exit to the elemental levels and follow the instructions below for each one. note: the instructions below are for when you have collected all the necessary items.
  3. once you finished the following four levels, place the medallions in the center square.
  4. click the back wall and get a Mastermind like puzzle.
  5. what you need to do here is paint each of items a, but they must be in the correct order.
  6. if the item spins and turns green, it is the right color, right place.
  7. Solution: Top ----> RED, BLUE, RED; Middle ---> RED, RED, RED; Bottom ---> RED, YELLOW, YELLOW.
  8. if those solutions do not work for you, that means each game has it's own unique solution.

Level 6 - Fire Level

  1. place wood from all rooms in bowl.
  2. use knife from earth room on bowl.
  3. use flint from earth room on bowl.
  4. take fire medallion.


Level 7 - Water Level

  1. use shell on bowl.
  2. use water bag from fire room on bowl.
  3. use bottle from air room on bowl.
  4. use bowl from earth room on bowl.


Level 8 - Air Level

  1. place fire on bottom.
  2. place water over the fire.
  3. take air medallion.


Level 9 - Earth Level

  1. click on gold area and get sand art puzzle.
  2. use the pieces you've collected and the pieces there to recreate the picture.
  3. take earth medallion.


Zen Garden
Toba, Japan

You will have to go back and forth between Adam and Samantha to get some of the needed items.

Level 1

  1. use fish food on pond.
  2. exit to next level.


Level 2

  1. use wind chimes on butterfly bush.
  2. use net to catch butterflies.
  3. use scissors on tree in back.
  4. use rake on pathway.
  5. place ying yang symbols on door.
  6. exit to next level.


Level 3

  1. place the rocks to match the map.
  2. use the rake to rake around the rocks and island.

Level 4

  1. use knife on the clam.
  2. use rake on sand, right side.
  3. use blowtorch on both openings.
  4. exit next level.


Level 5 (Samantha)

  1. grab the tank off the poor girl snorkeling.
  2. use key on treasure chest.
  3. use the scraper on sand.
  4. exit to next level.


Level 6 (Adam)

  1. use hammer on clam.
  2. use spear gun on coral beneath mermaid.
  3. exit to next level.


Level 7

  1. use flashlight on stream (right side).
  2. use flute on mouse.
  3. click on door and get a puzzle.
  4. rotate the puzzle pieces until they turn brown.
  5. put door pull in door.
  6. exit to next level.


Level 8 - Puzzle

  1. this is another puzzle level.
  2. using the green arrows, scroll through the symbols until they match the ones on the door.
  3. scroll through the top and side ones until they lock on place, one of the doors will be highlighted.
  4. drag the small square at the center of the door to the block that's highlighted so it covers it.
  5. the symbols will fall off and that part of the door will open.
  6. continue to do this for the remaining three doors.
  7. now hit the gong with the hammer, this can be tricky you have to get it just right.
  8. exit to next level.

Level 9

  1. this brute needs dressed, lets give him all the stuff we've found.

Payne Museum

  1. let's rescue Dr. Butler.
  2. the lasers create a large maze.
  3. you must figure out which item, including the scarf, goes in which tube.
  4. then you need take the item, navigate with your mouse through the maze without touching the lasers (you'll have to start over) and place the item in the tube.
  5. next you need to find Dr. Butler by placing the shield over the lasers in front of the 4 places he might be hiding.
  6. I won't tell you the next part but when its finished, there are still a few items to be found!

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