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Customer Favorites

Favorite Topping Favorite TV Channel
Kid Slyder Cartoons
Granny Candle News
College Coed Strawberries Food Network
Bride Wedding Food Network
Delivery Man Tradewinds Ship News
Food Critic Roses Food Network
Easter Bunny Snail Mail Cartoons
Santa Claus Snail Mail Cartoons
Dracula Roses Food Network
Cupid Snail Mail Cartoons

More tips...

"on hard levels where there are too many people in line and you can't serve them all at once, and they're all red and glowing and mad, once you get past the first few people, don't pick up some of the money they leave behind. only four people can be in line at the shop(s) so leave only two places open by keeping the money there. this will prevent crowding, and is much easier. it is how i got past several of the very hard levels. once you give one of the people in line their cake, click on one pile of money and then it keeps the routine going. it is incredibly easy and will help so much." --picatso917

February at the Casino

At that point you should have:
The fastest cake baker
the fastest icer
the fastest decorator (it gives you the option of
making it faster when you purchase all of the
decorationg options
an upgraded cupcake baker
a television
the fastest shoes.
The baker, Icer, and Decorator you should have only 2 of each.
With these you should be able to do Febuary at the Casino.
Cupid is a rough customer. Even if you have to do Cupid's order first and put on cartoons, then the vacationing businessman, then the regular businessman's order.
If not try, try again.

Stuck on a hard level?

have you purchased toppings? It's really the best way to increase the cake price. I made that mistake myself, if you've been saving the months, go back to a month where you have a lot of money and purchase toppings. You'll have to re-do those levels, to get back to the circus stage buts its worth it. As you build toppings it lets you increase the speed of the topping machine, this will decrease the overall cake making time. Hope this helps!

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