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Farm Mania

As you'll learn from the comic strip style story, you are Anna, a young lady who gives up a summer partying to become the girl next door helping out her Grandpa on the farm. Grow and sell plants, animals and goods through 60 levels to help get your Grandpa's farm out of debt.

You will not be bored for long when you play this game. By the time level 6 hits, you're knee deep in...weeds. Where did you think I was going with that one? Arcade mode is timed, casual mode is not. The goals are the same in either mode, but if you want a challenge, arcade mode is the way to go. Have fun, remember it's only a game and if you aren't thankful for not working on a farm, you will be when you are done playing.

Hints and tips:

  • If playing Arcade Mode, it's a good idea to keep up your Casual Mode levels. If you get stuck on an Arcade Mode, you can take your time in Casual Mode until you figure out what you need to do. Unfortunately unlocking a new level in one mode does not unlock it in the other.
  • The faster you finish a level, the more bonus cash you earn.
  • You can sometimes earn more cash by selling more goods instead of going for the bonus points. Take a look at the clock (top left) to see how much time is left. If you have time, sell some extra goods and still get a gold star.
  • You can send the cart to town anytime you like by clicking the red arrow to the right.
  • Buy power-ups early. Having a faster hoe and better equipment will make things much easier for you.
  • Yeah, he's old, but that's no excuse for Grandpa to be standing around not working. If Anna is hoeing, make sure Grandpa is getting water ready or preparing food for one of your animals.
  • Speaking of animals, there are two schools of thoughts. If an animal is not needed to reach a goal, you can either sell them or ignore them. If you sell them, you get fast money, but will have to raise them again from a baby.  If you ignore them, they get mad at you. You might find a special/homemade gift inside one of your work boots, but nothing bad will happen and you'll have full grown animals for future levels.
  • Keep an eye out for rabbits and crows. They will eat your crops quickly. Don't let them get close. If you see them, stop what you're doing and click them away.
  • The hidden sheep stages are fun, but can drive you crazy. Remember they can be laying sideways, upside down or just a few curls can be sticking up. If you're not sure, save your click. Too many wrong clicks and you get a 15 second penalty.
  • You can replay a level, but you don't get extra cash unless  improve upon your last performance on that level.
  • Just like in real life, goods cost different amounts. It takes 4 pumpkins to equal 1 basket of eggs. Remember this when you have to raise a high amount in your goals. Also, if you have to let something go bad, let it be the item that is worth the least. This is not a foolproof plan. Sometimes it's more beneficial to save the good that takes the longest to grow. Especially if you need that item to complete a goal.

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