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Author: Date: Jan-02-2020

Welcome to Silverlake in this newest edition of Chimeras: New Rebellion. This quaint town has experienced a peaceful co-existence between humans and the Chimeras, that is until now! This once peaceful town has been thrown into chaos with no end in sight. There has been a sudden rash of children missing and the hysteria has led to broken alliances and growing suspicion.  As a new detective, you have your work cut out for you as you explore the small town where the anger, suspicion and unrest is quickly mounting. The local humans have been rounding up and interrogating the Chimeras, dooming them to execution based on intuition and suspicion – not actual facts. You will have to move quickly and go unnoticed if you are to uncover what looms beneath the surface of this multi-layered investigation.

Jump in to prove the guilt or innocence of the accused and bring the true culprits to justice in this exciting adventure of Chimeras: New Rebellion!

Chimeras: New Rebellion Walkthrough: Begining

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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